Announces World's Largest, Lab-grown, Colorless Round Diamond announces the world's largest, lab-created, colorless round diamond for sale. A 2.40ct Ideal cut round, D color, ultra-pure Type IIA, with VVS2 clarity priced at roughly 1/4 the equivalent mined diamond., the leader in colorless, lab grown gems, today announced that it's latest inventory of Takara lab created diamonds includes the world's largest, colorless, lab-created round diamond for sale.

This Takara lab created diamond is independently certified by IGI, and is 2.40ct, Ideal cut, D color, Type IIa, and VVS2 clarity. (D color is the highest color grade for diamonds, and Type IIA is the purest form of diamond).
The record-setting 2.40ct Takara lab diamond is priced at $18,221 and available for sale on BetterThanDiamond's website. A comparable 2.40ct mined diamond is approximately $68,500, meaning this specific Takara diamond is priced at roughly 1/4 the cost of a comparable mined diamond.

"Our Takara lab created diamonds are now achieving sizes never before available for colorless, lab-created round diamonds" noted Less P. Wright, President of

"Not only are our Takara lab-grown diamonds available in record setting sizes for colorless round cuts, they also are purer, harder and clearer than 98% of all mined diamonds. Our Takara's are ultra-pure, Type IIa diamond, and comparable to the famed and highly-sought after Golconda 'water clear' diamonds in terms of clearness. Takara's thus offer incredible beauty, ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing, and durability for those who want to own one of the very best and purest diamonds on the planet."

Mr. Wright further noted that while many sellers continue to sell CZ claiming it to be "lab grown diamonds", Takara's are real, ultra-pure Type IIA diamond, that is grown in a pure lab environment, rather than mined. Every Takara is accompanied by a full independent diamond grading report. currently has Takara lab created round diamonds from .53ct - 2.40ct, all in D or E color, with pricing averaging 1/3 the price of a similar grade, but less pure, mined diamond.

About BetterThanDiamond is a privately-held manufacturer that specializes in stunning lab-grown colorless gems, with customers in over 122 countries. It's product lines are Amora Gem - the world's newest gem, the Asha diamond simulant, and ultra-pure, Takara lab-created diamonds.

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