Better Outlook: PXN is promoting new series of gaming devices

PXN provides a wide range of devices including TWS wireless headphone to deliver immersive experience for players.

PXN, headquartered in Shenzhen China, is a Chinese electronics manufacturer dedicated to hardware gaming equipment, including gaming headsets, arcade joysticks, controllers, and steering wheels.

PXN boasts an advanced R&D center and robust marketing department in Shenzhen, China. The manufacturing lines are established in the neighboring city Dongguan, where is world-famous for resilient supply chains for electronic sectors.

PXN firstly produced arcade joysticks and subsequently enlarged the coverage of business lines with more diversified products, namely the 8th generation of video game consoles. 

Upon the positive momentum of the existing business, PXN further developed mobile applications to connect and configure some of its gaming equipment with smartphones.

PXN has structured a co-existent eco-system for app+smartphone+device. For instance, users can realize visible operating in PXN app, and experience a variety of custom sound configurations.

PXN TWS wireless headphone is one of the finest products by PXN. The delay as low as 60ms can therefore realize the synchronization of the game sound and the game scene, better deliver the gaming experience by identifying the background sound in the game accurately, e.g. the footsteps of enemies.

PXN TWS wireless headphone can be run on multi-platforms, and get switched by a simple operation easily,and highly adaptable to more game settings, which shall make the game experiences much better than the old-school mechanic switch mode.

The USER-friendly design of PXN TWS is not just a slogan. PXN TWS can support personalized programming settings, which could better satisfy more customized demands of gaming users with flexibility.

The immersive Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation is the combination of feedback noise cancellation (FF) and feed forward noise cancellation (FB). The doubly-fed microphone picks up external and in-ear noise separately, and the moving coil emits reverse sound waves to offset it, which can effectively eliminate environmental noise and low-frequency noise. PXN TWS boasts 35dB CVC 8.0 Active Noise Cancellation, supporting both wired USB-C Charging Case and wireless charging.

Nevertheless, PXN TWS is equipped with multiple additional function for better operation: individual LED Power Display; Touch Control; Stereo and Mono Mode. The impressive Fingerprint Touch Design facilitates the user-end control towards the ear buds.

Plus, the whole structure is designed based on IP7 waterproof level, providing dry and tidy feeling during operation. It boasts a long battery life up to 22 hours, which means a longer gaming experiences than usual products without extra charging.

Equipped with One-Step Auto Pairing Bluetooth 5.3 technology, PXN TWS can provide ultra-low latency and therefore create a wide sound field and clear sound quality, and its Hi-Fi Stereo Deep Bass function can perform as stable as a wire headphone.

In a word, PXN TWS may probably deemed as one of the finest headphones in terms of its superb performance and function.

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