Better Health X Launches Review Of Eden Biodome Revolution For Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can be improved or even eliminated by organic, natural products currently available on the market, but not all are created equal according to Better Health X.

For sufferers of acid reflux and IBS, a natural means by which to control the symptoms through diet is really the only effective way to manage the problem. Many have realised that gluten, sugars and processed foods contain chemicals that irritate sensitive digestive systems, and are aiming to replace them with healthier, organic alternatives. Better Health X has just published its review of Eden Biodome Revolution, a new greenhouse system that promises to make growing organic food easy.

The review explains that shopping at whole foods stores can quickly become too expensive and growing ones’ own product in a geodesic dome can prove far more cost effective. The Eden Biodome guide is then explained in its entirety, including its key features and advantages over buying a geodesic dome at a store or via the internet.

For those who want to grow their own food, building the environment to grow it in is only one more step, and the website gives the product a glowing four star review as a result of its accessibility and comprehensiveness. Most importantly the product frees IBS sufferers to eat all natural foods grown at home at a fraction of the cost of whole foods stores.

A spokesperson for Better Health X explained, “After finding success in controlling his own IBS with high quality remedies, Sanjay understood the need to educate the consumer on what to look for and which products are the most effective. His reviews aim to do just that. In the case of the Eden Biodome, he has found that much of the excitement surrounding the product is authentic and well founded, and that the guide does allow ordinary people to effectively construct a space in which they can grow wholesome fruit and veg without insecticides or other harmful chemicals.”

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