Better Health And Beauty Announces They Now Take Topic Requests From Readers

Consumers want information on a wide range of topics and the site strives to provide this information whenever possible, announces

Better Health and Beauty, a hub offering curated content on health, fitness and beauty topics, announces they are now allowing readers to request a topic of interest to them. Furthermore, readers may subscribe to the hub and receive updates on the latest articles delivered right to their e-mail. Time is of the essence for many individuals, and the subscription service and topic request option allow them to obtain the information they need in a timely manner, without the need to sort through irrelevant material that clogs up their news feed and email.

"The site covers a large variety of important and popular topics, thus readers never know what they will find when they open their subscription email or visit the site. Useful tips and information are provided, along with real reviews and daily updates. One day a person may receive healthy lifestyle tips and another they may find natural remedies for insomnia in their email. Other topics covered include stress relief exercises, reviews of popular vacation destinations and more. Our goal is to be the site people come to for information on a wide variety of topics that play a role in their life," Mikhail Samsonov, spokesperson for Better Health and Beauty, announces.

Experts predicted in 2016 that the health and beauty industry would gross $62.46 billion dollars in the United States alone by the end of the year. Consumers spend this money on a wide range of products, such as healthy foods for the skin, lotions, oils, dietary supplements and more. Furthermore, they are investing money in items such as infrared sauna therapy to burn fat and relieve pain. Before spending money on any item or service, however, a consumer should do research.

"A great deal of this money is wasted as the product either doesn't meet the needs of the consumer or it doesn't deliver the promised results. People often don't realize that making simple changes in their lifestyle, such as listening to music more often or eating more garlic can provide them with numerous benefits. Our site examines products that a person can buy, as well as lifestyle changes, that can improve their life in a multitude of ways," Samsonov continues.

Product reviews are of great help to individuals when they do find they need to make a purchase. For example, the United States weight loss market witnessed a decline in 2014, decreasing to $59.8 billion, as individuals realized many of the products they were using didn't work. Diet soda sales declined during this period, and many other market segments remained flat.

"With the help of product reviews, consumers find they can eliminate those products and services that don't live up to their claims. This alone can save money, and consumers appreciate not wasting their time or hard earned dollars on these items. Our goal is to help consumers find those items that best meet their needs, by providing unbiased information on a wide range of subjects, including those they are most interested in and desire more information about," Samsonov states.

About Better Health and Beauty:

Better Health and Beauty publishes useful and interesting articles on health, beauty and lifestyle topics, while sharing user reviews. With this information, consumers find they can make informed decisions as to their purchases, and readers can request topics to be written on.

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