BetaMars Has Raised $3 Million In Seed Investment Round. Current Total Investment Has Reached $8 Million

BetaMars Has Raised $3 Million In Seed Investment Round. Current Total Investment Has Reached $8 Million

According to official news, BetaMars has raised a $3 million seed investment from HOT DAO. Both sides have reached cooperation on the further building of BetaMars and expansion of metaverse. For BetaMars, this is the third seed investment, with a $2.5 million seed investment from Youbi Capital and Pluto Capital ahead respectively.

The director of HOT DAO said, "BetaMars has a top project team, innovative metaverse design and totally different gameplay of human nature that overwhelm the current metaverse games. That’s why we invested in BetaMars. Moreover, we are interested in‘exploring the process of establishing human civilization’, so we look forward to working with BetaMars to push the metaverse to a new height."

According to the founding team of BetaMars, “BetaMars is themed on establishing future human civilization. Inspired by the historical revolutions and class changes of human beings, we are trying to reproduce the process of creating a new world civilization in the BetaMars world in project design. We believe‘civilization construction’ in the metaverse is a fresh idea. Meanwhile, we are glad to receive support from HOT DAO and other partners on the way to exploring the future of the metaverse. We will try our best to bring BetaMars to a higher level in the future".

Bearing the belief of continuous win-win value in mind, HOT DAO is committed to promoting the long-term development of high-quality projects with competitive services. As a blockchain innovation laboratory set up by HOTBIT, HOT DAO has established a million-dollar ecological fund, which is mainly invested in Polkadot ecology, DeFi, NFT and high-quality projects of distributed data storage.

About BetaMars
BetaMars is a metaverse project aiming to construct a “future homeland of human beings”. It is full of innovation, creativity and imagination. On the core of “human nature”, the BetaMars team has developed various gameplay mechanisms to draw global players to build a vivid world. In BetaMars, players make strategies to gain game rewards and formulate the world’s rules and regulations.

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