Beta Switch Review Reveals How Women Can Switch On Beta Receptors To Melt Fat From Trouble Spots

Beta Switch, a newly released fat loss program for women by Sue Heintze reveals how to trigger fat-burning in stubborn trouble spots by activating the body’s Beta Adrenoreceptors.

Beta Switch, a newly released fat-burning program from female fat loss expert Sue Heintze claims women can get rid of stubborn trouble spots by "switching on" the body's production of beta adrenoreceptors. When the body increases the production of these cells stubborn fat is released and metabolism and fat-burning is increased.

The Beta Switch system, designed only for women over 30 utilizes a unique system of movements and exercises to "switch off" the body’s production of Alpha Adrenoreceptors which trigger fat storage within cells. When these cells are switched off the body starts to increase the production of Beta Adrenoreceptors which allows the body to release trapped fat. According to author, Sue Heintze, women produce 9 times the amount of Alpha Adrenoreceptors compared to Beta receptors which is why women struggle with fat loss compared to men.

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Sue Heintze author of the Beta Switch claims she created the program due to the uphill battle women face due to having high amounts of Alpha receptors which makes fat loss and getting rid of stubborn trouble spots such as the thighs, upper arms and the lower body almost impossible. In addition, exercise can make it even harder to lose stubborn fat.

Performing the wrong kinds of exercise or exercising too much triggers an increase in Alpha Adrenoreceptors which then traps fat within the body. Strict dieting also creates problems as it transfers fat from parts of the body to more difficult fat storage zones. Sue Heintze claims her Beta Switch system provides women a simple, step by step approach for consistent fat-burning without making drastic changes to diet for a confident, healthy lifestyle.

Author Sue Heintze goes against the mainstream nutrition belief that a strict diet and excessive workouts lead to increased fat loss and improvements in health. "Strict dieting and working out too much can make problems worst and also contribute to feeling of low self esteem and negative body image. This can also lead to a drop in Thyroid hormones which have a direct effect on weight and when these levels are low it switches on alpha receptors and turn off beta receptors completely,” reports Sue Heintze.

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The Beta Switch program provides women a detailed 12 week nutrition, exercise and lifestyle system which addresses the core problems women have with dealing with fat loss which is the increased amount of alpha receptors their body contains. The program comes with follow-along workout videos, success tracker, workout sheets, exercise execution guides and workout system manual.

In addition to the core program individuals also get access to the 5-day tummy tuck, boost body image report, mind over matter: Winning the mental game of fat loss and access to a beta switch community to help with questions and support. Once the alpha receptors are switched off the body can begin to process fat loss and get rid of trouble spots. To help celebrate the new release of Beta Switch author Sue Heintze offers individuals a limited time discount on the official website.

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