BestWhip Announces Online Buying for Nitrous Oxide Chargers

Nitrous oxide chargers are key equipment for whipped cream dispensers used both at home and in restaurants, reports BestWhip.

Nitrous oxide isn't just for making people relax at the dentist. It's also an essential requirement for whipped cream machines, which are used by restaurants, ice cream parlors, drive-in cafes, and more. The difference is that when it's used for whipped cream, it comes in small, pressurized canisters known as "chargers." These little containers eliminate the need to deal with large, heavy tanks or the risk of leaky hoses.

Finding Nitrous Oxide Chargers can be hard for people who don't know where to look. For this reason, BestWhip has announced its online catalog. The company's site makes it easy to buy any of a wide variety of brands of these canisters.

"One of the most unique things about our company is that we don't just stock our own brand. We also offer Purist, Mr. Creamy, and other brands. We want to make sure that our customers can find exactly what they're looking for. Of course, we hope that people will switch to our brand once they see our prices and quantities, but we're also focused on good service for all," said Martin Nemec of BestWhip.

Since a single charger, or whippet, doesn't last very long, BestWhip offers large quantities as well as single boxes. Buying Nitrous Oxide Charger Cases is as simple as buying a single box. How many chargers are in a case depends on the size. Cases of 8-gram chargers can have 400 or 600 individual canisters, while cases of 16-gram chargers have 200. Buying the larger ones brings a cost savings on a per-gram basis, but that's only useful for establishments that have equipment that can use that size.

"Not everyone who buys our chargers has equipment," Nemec noted. "Therefore, we offer a starter kit that uses our 16-gram whippets. This will allow someone to start making whipped cream right away, and even better, will give them the tool needed to use the less-expensive charger size. We also offer a huge array of small whipped cream dispensers for individuals who want to be able to produce restaurant-quality whipped cream without having to worry about what's in it. These come in bright designer colors, so they'll look good on any home kitchen counter."

The BestWhip site shows that professional-style whipped cream is far from a restaurant-only item. While the concept of nitrous oxide-based whipped cream systems started out in the commercial world, it has spread far and wide to cover the desires of a multitude of other buyers. The availability of small, residential-style whipped cream dispensers makes it even easier for people to get started with making their own whipped cream at home.

About BestWhip

BestWhip was founded in 2001 and soon began to be noted online as a great source of nitrous oxide chargers. Its wide selection, easy purchasing policies, and at-home dispensing systems make it notably friendly for those who aren't in the restaurant business.

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