Launches Campaign To Educate Public On Weight Loss Option campaign helps determine appropriate supplements for individual weight loss needs.

Reports from the health care field indicate approximately half of the adults in the United States are currently trying to lose weight, boosting the annual revenue of the weight loss industry to more than $65 billion. Numerous companies are attempting to capitalize on this ever growing enterprise, leading to an increasing number of diet aides and weight loss supplements constantly appearing on the market. In order to help Americans sort through the scams and find those few effective supplements, a spokesperson from has launched a campaign to educate the public on how to find weight loss pills that work.

The company spokesperson explained, "Although many of the products on the market are completely ineffective and a waste of money, a select few do actually help promote weight loss efforts. They work in different ways and provide different levels of help, so it is important to assess the overall diet plan before determining which supplement is right for each person. If the question is how can you lose weight now, a water pill may be the answer; however, long term weight loss is a completely different situation."

Studies indicate the majority of women experience water retention at times due to hormonal changes and high salt intake. Water pills offer temporary relief from the discomfort of bloating as well as the slight weight gain often associated with retaining water. These pills are safe when taken as directed on a short term basis, but abuse of such supplements can lead to slowed metabolism, which actually hampers weight loss. Overuse can also damage the heart, kidneys and other organs over time.

Experts state true long term weight loss is only achieved through building lean muscle tissue. No dietary supplement is currently available to help develop muscle without exercise, but options are available to address other issues. The spokesperson from noted many natural products are helpful in certain areas of weight loss depending on the user's individual needs.

For those who face difficulties with portion control, appetite suppressants are helpful in lowering the amount of calories consumed. When lack of exercise is the downfall, fat burners and metabolism boosters provide the energy to begin an exercise routine. Pre-workout protein supplements can help develop muscle more quickly, which will help increase the number of calories burned.

Concluded the spokesperson, "Water pills and cleansing programs certainly make it appear as if weight loss has occurred, but they are only temporary solutions. A fat burner or appetite suppressant can help reduce caloric intake as well as increase fat and calories being burned, which will develop the type of muscle tissue needed to maintain a healthy weight. By beginning a diet with water pills or a detox program and adding other supplements to a change in exercise and eating habits, a person can begin to lose weight quickly as well as reach long term fitness goals. Our website offers advice on the most effective supplements on the market to help with these endeavors."

Offering advice on weight loss and helpful supplements, acts as a guide to help consumers determine which products are appropriate for their individual needs.

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