Bestselling Author Karen Stevens Guides Women To Discover Their Inner WITCH In Revolutionary New Book

‘WITCH’ by women’s empowerment specialist Karen Stevens tops the Amazon bestseller list following release.

Brisbane, Australia — Dec. 11, 2020 — Every woman has an inner WITCH ready to be unleashed so she can work her magick.

So writes multi-award-winning healer, bestselling author, and women’s empowerment specialist Karen Stevens in her new book, “WITCH - Woman in Total Control of Herself: The Ultimate Guide To Manifest Money, Love and Success!”

The book, launched in October 2020, rocketed to number one on the Amazon charts shortly after its release.

Stevens’ vision for WITCH was to create a guide to help women build trust and confidence, regain control, remove barriers to success, and attract love, money, and success on command. The book focuses on proven techniques for manifesting one’s desires while helping women reclaim their unique gifts and purpose. Stevens wrote WITCH after learning how to overcome her own personal challenges and activate her inner “magick”.

Growing up emotionally and sexually abused, Stevens felt the crushing weight of insecurity and trauma into adulthood. She wound up in an abusive relationship as an adult that played out over close to two decades until a near-death experience helped her finally break out of her lifelong cycle of abuse and violence.

She began following her instincts and intuition, and the more she did, the more she was able to reignite the bright spark within and find healing. She tapped into what she refers to as “ancestral magick” in her quantum energy work, which helped her discover her inner WITCH. Doing so helped her find her purpose as a “cosmic activation portal” ready to help others activate their personal transformation.

Eventually, Stevens began helping other women along their own journeys to empowerment. To date, she has used her W.I.T.C.H shift technique to help hundreds of women connect to their power centre of creation, magnetize their desires in life and business, and overcome deep-seated trauma, abuse, addiction, and chronic illnesses.

“WITCH is more than a book,” Stevens said. “It is a revolution placing women back into the driver’s seat of their lives, awakening their souls, and activating their ancestral magick. We are leading the way for future generations and shifting the collective consciousness for the social, economic and spiritual freedom of all women.”

As a “quantum activator,” Stevens helps clients through her 1:1 program, an intensive, individually personalized soul adventure geared toward deep transformation.

In 2021, she will launch new programs, including a certification course teaching women the WITCH shift technique to use within their own practices, as well as an online, self-paced WITCH shift experience designed for personal use.

The goal of all her programs is to increase female empowerment globally.

“My aim is to elevate women so we can all thrive together,” Stevens said.

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