BestPresentationOnEarth.Com Predicts That 2014 Will Be the Year of Automated Webinars

For people that made New Year’s Resolution to close more sales and increase profits then will help. Its a powerful automated marketing tool in the world for profit-generating webinars and sales presentations.

There are many common New Year’s Resolutions for growing business in 2014. However, if resolutions don’t include leveraging an automated marketing system, then a business has already failed.

Combining the best presentation software with a hand’s-off follow-up system and businesses now have – the perfect presentation and automated marketing tool.

According to Gerald Van Yerxa, CEO & founder, people that are still relying on social media to increase sales in 2014 are doing it wrong. “Facebook ‘likes,’ Twitter ‘re-tweets,’ and Pinterest ‘pins’ aren’t sales,” he explains. “Sales are sales.”

When businesses can present themselves as the solution to their prospects problems, then they will win more business. That’s why the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report shows that, each year, businesses are using more webinars and online presentations to reach their business and consumer customers. gives anyone the power to create flawless profit-generating webinars and effective presentations that close more sales. “We’ve worked hard to create an automated webinar software that many agree is the best automated marketing system available,” says Van Yerxa.

Live, online presentations and webinars are very hard to get right – even for the pros. Most people don’t have the skills necessary to conduct an effective presentation. Many people are too afraid to try. Also, there are so many technical things that can go wrong.

" eliminates the fear because clients have access to customizable presentation templates and effective presentation ideas. Technical difficulties are no longer a problem because users can take time to edit and perfect the message before anyone ever sees it," stated Van Yerxa.

With this automated marketing system, regardless of the size of a sales force – or even if a sales force is just one person – he or she can make unlimited presentations to an unlimited number of prospects wherever they are in the world, and at any time of the day or night.

Because the fortune is in the follow-up, automates the follow-up process so a sales opportunity is never missed. The automated sales system uses SMS text messaging, voice call alerts, and email notifications with customizable auto-responders to keep a business in the minds of the prospects.

“We give our clients a blueprint for profits. The best presentation software is one that can close more sales and collect money for you,” says Van Yerxa. “By including clickable call-to-action buttons, presentations can create revenue with no additional effort.”

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