Creates A List Of The Best Cameras In 2016 has just created a list of what they believe to be the best performing digital cameras in 2016 was created almost a year ago to offer readers the most up to date reviews and recommendations on digital camera choices. The company monitors market trends and maintains relationships with digital camera manufactures in order to know which products are coming out and which ones will be worth reviewing.

The website has recently created a detailed list of what they believe to be the best cameras of 2016. The article is broken down into specific categories according to end user proficiency, budget, and camera size. Each camera is summarised in a short paragraph which highlights its most important features. This approach allows potential buyers to have a quick look at what their best choices might be, get the most important information, and make a decision on which camera to purchase. The article also mentions the best overall camera which is said to be the Leica Q. For anyone not willing to invest much time into research, this might be the best choice.

The global digital camera market is constantly growing. As mentioned in a recent report by Grand View Research, it is estimated that the market will reach USD 19.77 billion by 2020. Grand View Research mentioned that the growth has been particularly influenced by two main trends. The first one is the growing trend for people to share images online. The other is the continually growing availability of photo processing tools such as Adobe Photoshop. These two trends fuel each other and increase the demand for new and more advanced cameras every year.

The owner of hopes the information provided will make decision making process much quicker and much faster. James Fisher, the spokesperson for Digital Camera HQ, said: ‘Nowadays deciding which camera to buy is a really difficult process. There are so many choices. There are so many cameras that are almost the same but at the same time quite different. That’s why we created Digital Camera HQ, so that people can get all the necessary information in one place’.

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