Best Walking Shoes for Women Showcases Correct Footwear For Serious Walkers is launched to provide appropriate advice for both serious walkers and those who include walking in their daily exercise plan.

A recent article on the medical website “” entitled “Walking shoes: Features and fit that keep you moving” featured information on why these shoes are so important. The fitness writers at the Mayo Clinic report, “Walking shoes were created for a certain function and to be fit correctly onto the foot. Every walking shoe is built in a different way. Before making a purchase, prospective wearers should be familiar with several brands and styles.”

The writers at the Mayo Clinic also note, “Buying the right shoe for one's foot can prevent common injuries to the feet like calluses and blisters. Shoes should be fit for comfort before beginning an exercise plan that involves daily walking. Among the options that footwear buyers should be aware of are gel pads, extra cushioning and roll bars that provide added stability.”

Meeting the needs of female consumers who want to find the most perfect pair of walking shoes to fit their feet, is the aptly named website “Best Walking Shoes for Women.” Spokesperson Sheryl Smith describes their goals, “Many women confuse running shoes for walking shoes. While this is not hard to do, running is very different from the act of walking. When we walk, our weight rolls from our heels, through the ball of the foot and then the contact with the ground continues to our toes. Due to the mechanics of this movement, the shoes women wear when walking need to be designed with this exact purpose in mind.”

Sheryl Smith explains, “On the web pages of '' we give consumers an education in finding the right footwear for their feet. Our readers become educated as to their arch type and what their level of pronation might be. In addition, we offer shoes in a variety of styles and with every budget level in mind. For many people the cost of their walking shoes will depend on whether they are a serious walker, walk on a daily basis or wish to wear shoes whose aesthetic design they prefer.”

“Among the two most frequently asked questions on the website concern walkers with 'flat feet' and those who have higher than average arches.” Sheryl elaborates, “Walking shoes built for flat or undeveloped arches are especially designed to provide the support and cushioning this foot does not have naturally. Additionally, these walking shoes often have an arch that is built into the insole to simulate the natural curve of the foot.”

Sheryl Smith continues, “Likewise, a foot with a high arch has issues all its own. These feet tend to under-pronate when one is standing, which can result in greater strain when walking. A walking shoe for this type of foot optimally contains a softer midsole area, so the amount of weight on the feet can be distributed in a more equal fashion. When our readers visit Sally's site here at they can learn excellent tips on how to find and fit the right shoe for this type of foot. As with all foot types, we offer photographs, a detailed description of each shoe and our unbiased recommendations.”

About Best Walking Shoes for Women:

This website features a variety of walking shoes and fit tips so that every woman is able to find the right footwear for her walking needs. These web pages also contain discussions pertinent to the issues of women athletes and their quest for fitness. Each foot type is offered three sets of walking shoes; each of varying style, cost and manufacturer's brand. Walkaholics and women who merely enjoy taking a walk outdoors will appreciate the helpful information given on this user-friendly site.

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