Best Walking Shoes For Women Expanded Site Includes More Reviews, Graphics & Opinions

Site upgrade also includes weight loss information for consumers doing research.

Data released recently from the National Walkers' Health Study which included more than 30,000 women revealed those who took the longest walks each week, versus those who racked up the most miles each week, were more likely to use less medication. Further studies from Italian researchers have found people who expended the most energy walking had a 27% lower risk of developing dementia compared to those who expended the least.

With these obvious benefits in mind among others, Sheryl Smith, a spokesperson for Best Walking Shoes For Women ( has announced the expansion of her educational website website for women. "We want women to get out there and start walking, but we want them to do it the safest way possible, with the right shoes on their feet. Yes, you could just pick up the cheapest pair of shoes you could find and get started, but that's not the best way to jump start what should be a lifelong hobby and lifestyle. That's why we started this site - to inform and educate women on the best shoes in the marketplace."

The site is made up of not only opinion about the various brands of shoes, but facts, too, says Smith. "Walking shoes are vastly different from running shoes in a number of ways, which is important for women to know. It is very unfortunate some people think that they are the same, because walking shoes have specific properties designed for walking and running shoes are engineered specifically for running."

Smith goes on to defend her choices on the website. "Walking has so many benefits for women, but low cost has to be one of the biggest. Some people like to take some of those savings and invest in a really quality pair of shoes, but others can't afford to at this time. That's why we provide shoes to fit all budget ranges. I like to encourage women to buy the most comfortable shoe they can afford. For example, the Brooks Addiction Walker for Women, for my money, is one of the best you can buy."

The website has been so popular since its launch, says Smith, they have branched off into other areas. "We've had a wonderful reception to our site, with wonderful comments and and an increasing amount of traffic. We've recently added a Fat Loss Factor tab for those people who are looking to lose weight in addition to finding research information about walking shoes. The two topics just seemed to go hand in hand." Smith concluded.

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Best Walking Shoes For Women is an online research site featuring a number of extensive reviews of walking shoes for women. The site features helpful photographs, diagrams and well-written analysis on the features and benefits and each profiled shoe. Additionally, the site allows for user comments to gain consumer perspective.

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