Best Vacuum Info Offers Vacuum Comparison Info on New Website

Best Vacuum Info launches to make comparing vacuum cleaner models and features easy.

Consumer advocates advise those contemplating a major purchase to avoid impulse buys and to carefully research and compare the products in which they are interested before making a decision. They also recommend sleeping on one's decision for at least one night, possibly more if the item is a large ticket item such as a car or house. The more expensive the product, the more proper prior investigation is in order. At one point in time the purchase of a vacuum cleaner might not have warranted much prior consideration, but in the past twenty years the vacuum cleaner industry has exploded in terms of options, models and price to the point that a vacuum priced right in the middle of the market might well constitute a big ticket item for many on a budget. Therefore it is with great pride that Best Vacuum Info unveils their vacuum cleaner comparison website at for the benefit of consumers attempting to discern witch vacuum cleaner is the right one for them.

"Our goal isn't to convince a person to purchase one vacuum over another," said website director Barbara Seaman. "Rather, what we like to do is to put all the facts about each machine on the table so that people can pick the vacum that is best for them." She emphasized that not all people will want or need the same machine. "There used to be a vacuum years ago that college kids sold from door to door and one of their selling points for this vacuum was that it would - literally - spray paint your home with one of its included attachments. That's way more vacuum than most people want or need," she said. "We encourage people to think about their lifestyle and to consider the features they need. For example, someone with long haired dogs living in the house is going to need a vacuum that's good at getting up dog hair. Someone whose child has severe allergies will want a vacuum with a top rated HEPA filter to help eliminate allergens. A home with wall-to-wall carpet needs a different vacuum than one that's primarily tile and wood floors."

In addition to reviews and comparisons, Best Vacuum Info also provides a checklist of points to thoughtfully consider before making a purchase. Suggested considerations include such seemingly innocuous concerns as cord length, whether or not the vacuum uses disposable bags, how much dirt it holds before the bag must be changed or the dirt cup emptied, weight, size, amount of storage space it needs, warranty and, of course, price.

About Best Vacuum Info:
Best Vacuum Info provides up-to-date consumer information on all the latest models of vacuum cleaners including the Shark rotator and the dyson dc50.

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