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Ne site allows consumers to make sense of the many choices in the vacuum market, reports Best Vacuum Info.

According to HighBeam Business, more than 1.8 million vacuum cleaners were sold in 2003, and the industry has only gotten bigger since then. This figure includes a huge range of cleaner models, and consumers are presented with a dizzying array of choices. To help people make sense of all of the options, Best Vacuum Info has launched a site that gives information and reviews of the latest models. The site can be found at (

"The first thing many people notice when they look at vacuums today is all of the different shapes that are available," says Barbara Seaman, a representative of Best Vacuum Info. "As may be suspected, these shapes don't exist just to look cool. They all affect the function of the vacuum cleaner."

Old-fashioned vacuum cleaners came in only two types, she explains: Upright and canister. Canister vacuums are the "Shop-Vac" variety and are good for picking up large amounts of sawdust and other debris, while uprights are typically used for household cleaning. Now, however, there are also stick and handheld models.

"The stick vacuums are very light and easy to move, but don't have much room to store debris that has been sucked up," Seaman says. "Handhelds have even less space." That doesn't mean that the smaller vacuums aren't any good. On the contrary, they can be great for getting into tight spaces or vacuuming on stairs.

"For most purposes, an upright vacuum is still the best choice. However, there are seemingly hundreds of options just in that one category. That's where Best Vacuum Info comes in. Our reviews of models like the Sonic Shark Duo and the Dyson DC40 make it easy for prospective buyers to decide whether they should get one of those options or a different brand."

The Sonic Shark Duo review, at (, shows that this machine isn't a traditional vacuum cleaner at all. Instead, it's a machine that uses special pads for cleaning floors with a minimal amount of cleaning solution. It can clean both hard floors and carpets. More information about this machine is on the site.

Those seeking a more traditional vacuum cleaner will surely be interested in the review of the Dyson DC40 at ( As would be expected of this pricey brand, it turns out that it has plenty of features. "One thing that it does is automatically turn the brush roller on or off as the user transitions from carpeted areas to hard flooring," Seaman says. "It also automatically adjusts its height to provide the best cleaning results without causing undue wear on the floor."

These are just a couple of the models that have recently been reviewed. The site contains many other reviews, tips, and points of information about vacuum cleaners.

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