Best Shoes for Standing All Day Releases New Rankings of Top Footwear Options

New rankings highlight top choices for nurses, kitchen workers, and others who stand on their feet for long periods doing demanding work, Best Shoes for Standing All Day reports.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day, an online reviewer of footwear, announced the release of a new list of the company's most-recommended shoes. Drawing from the operation's extensive database of reviews as well as an assessment of similar, off-site resources, the newly released ranking of footwear options points out those that offer the most comfort, support, and safety for nurses, kitchen workers, and others who must remain on their feet for hours at a time. People who work in such occupations often find that choosing the right footwear is one of the most important decisions they can make with regard to their job satisfaction and overall contentment, so the new rankings released by Best Shoes for Standing All Day will be of great interest to them.

"We're pleased to be able to release our latest list of the best footwear for the most demanding users," company representative Kate Torres said, "and a lot has changed since our last such compilation." Best Shoes for Standing All Day, unlike most other sources of footwear reviews, focuses specifically on how the shoes the company looks at perform for those who must stand in them over the course of long, regular shifts. Chefs, cooks, and other kitchen workers, for example, often put in shifts of ten hours or more, over the course of which, depending upon state laws and employer directives, they may have only very limited opportunities to sit down. Most people in such lines of work, then, quickly come to understand the importance of finding high-quality footwear of the sort assessed and ranked by Best Shoes for Standing All Day in its new rankings.

Traditionally, this has meant shoes which are both exceptionally sturdy and designed from the ground up to provide comfort over long periods of time. Standing for six, eight, or ten hours at a stretch inevitably causes the feet to swell to an extent, which means that any shoes which will remain comfortable and refrain from causing blisters and other problems must accommodate this increase in foot volume while still providing solid support at the beginning of a shift. In general, these facts have contributed to clog-style shoes doing well in the rankings released by Best Shoes for Standing All Day, with other, similarly obliging designs also scoring highly. The company lists shoes of clog design as being the top two pairs of most comfortable nursing shoes for standing all day in its latest rankings, for example.

"Our newly released rankings, coming several years after our last ones, deliver some surprises as well as some well-known, comfortable, favorites," Torres concluded, "and we know that many nurses, cooks, and others who work hard on their feet all day will enjoy perusing our findings." In addition to ranking shoes in terms of general-purpose use, the company also highlights the top performers for those with more specific needs. It points out, for example, the top steel-toed shoes, as well as those which come equipped with slip-resistant soles. The newly released rankings are now available, free of charge, at the company's website at

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