Best SEO Marketing’s Pte Ltd launches new website to share 5 secrets for businesses to increase lead flow

Best SEO Marketing’s Pte Ltd launches a new website that shares how businesses could acquire more leads they receive in order to tide through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most business owners might be fearful amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as most people are forced to stay home, resulting in less consumer spending.
Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd, a Singapore based digital marketing agency recently launched a new website on how businesses could acquire more leads they receive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new website which was recently launched has been extremely detailed in breaking down how businesses could acquire customers.

According to Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd, before businesses start implementing any type of digital marketing strategy such as Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising or Search Engine Optimization, businesses should start researching where their customers hang out.
This would allow businesses to identify a channel where they could start advertising on, in order to acquire more leads and sales.

Additionally, they also shared that businesses should have a deep understanding of how their competitors behave.
They could start checking out the Facebook Ads Library.
That would allow businesses to study their competitors on whether they are running any Facebook Advertisements.
Additionally, by typing in relevant keywords on Google, businesses could figure out what their potential customer might be searching for on Google.

Furthermore, businesses could study the Google Ads that pop up in the Google Search Engine. This would give a general idea of what works well for their competitors.

Moreover, they also claimed that offering value to customers before asking for anything in return could go a long way.
Now that the business has studied the competition and have a better understanding of what is working well for competitors, the business could finally start crafting their own marketing campaign.

According to Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd, they recommend coming up with a headline that would attract eyeballs.
They claim that the best way to do that is by offering a piece of content that is of high value.
By using this strategy, the digital marketing agency reportedly was able to generate more than 20x return on their advertising spend.

The digital marketing agency further adds that by offering potential customers a free report, template or checklist that would immediately help customers solve their problem, it would dramatically increase the number of people that would opt-in to their contact form on a business’s website.

In the fourth step, Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd goes on to share that creating an irresistible offer is paramount to the success of a business’s marketing strategy.
They also shared that thinking about what a potential customer would really want and desire from a business is critical for this step to work.
For instance, Domino’s Pizza has its signature guarantee of delivering their pizzas within 30-minutes, otherwise, the pizzas would be free.
This is considered an offer that is difficult for a potential customer to refuse.
However, Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd did caution that businesses have to be very careful with the offer though.
The offer should ultimately be something that a business is capable of delivering to and yet would appeal to potential customers.

In their final step, Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd added that businesses could choose to advertise on Facebook, where they would be able to target the bulk of where their marketplace is.
With more than 1 billion people active on Facebook, there is an endless amount of people who could be a business’s potential customers.
They further went on to add that the reason why Facebook is a great source is that businesses could target customers who might not be problem aware and are not actively looking for a solution.
On the other hand, the people who are on Google typing in a keyword are problem aware and are actively looking for a solution.

Jim Ng, the founder of Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd added, “A limitation of targeting people on Google through Google Ads or SEO is that there is a finite number of people who are typing these searches onto Google, and therefore, a limited number of people who could be targeted”.
These were the 5 steps that have been shared on how businesses could double the number of leads and sales received while spending the same amount of advertising.

To date, Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd has generated well over 20 times of a return on investment on their own advertising spend.

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