Best Selling Author and Weight Loss Surgeon Launches New Book and Free 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Up to 50% of weight loss surgery patients regain weight within 48 months. One surgeon is helping change that with a comprehensive new book and free 21-day weight loss program, available at

“The downfall of weight loss surgery is that it works too well,” says Dr. Thomas W. Clark, one of the nations leading experts on weight loss surgery. “People see immediate results, but never learn the lifestyle changes that keep the weight off long-term. This new book and program are designed to help solve that problem, and give people the education and habit changes they need to build a foundation of optimal health and wellness that lasts.”

His new book, “Back on Track After Weight Loss Surgery,” is a collection of the top insights and strategies Dr. Clark has learned after performing over 4,500 procedures. Prior to today this information was only available through his mandatory patient pre-surgery education program, but Dr. Clark wants to make this available to everyone who needs it. To ensure the best possible results for readers of his latest book, he’s also created a Free 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge to help kickstart their results, available at

Dr. Clark is a passionate, knowledgeable healthcare practitioner, available for virtual and in-studio interviews. He’s known for his natural ability to break down complex medical concepts into easy to understand verbiage, making him a highly sought after speaker on any surgical or non-surgical weight loss topic. To schedule a time to speak with Dr. Clark, call (757) 873-1880. For information on his new book and program, visit and for information on Dr. Clark’s other services and programs, visit

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