Best Selling Author And Men’s Dating Coach Brian Burke Seeks PR Interns For Newest Release

Professional dating coach for men Brian Burke is seeking PR interns to help with the release of his latest book – a comprehensive and simple system showing men how to connect with attractive women through extreme authenticity.

Dating preoccupies the majority of men’s time, and much of this time is spent in frustration that individuals cannot find what they are looking for despite their best efforts. Brian Burke has spent years explaining that those best efforts may be the very reason for failure and frustration, and addresses dating in a way unique for such professional coaches- as an emotionally mature adult. His revolutionary premise has proven results, and now he seeks help to spread the word.

Brian explains that men have been misguided into believing that women are simple stereotypes and that, if behaved to in a pantomime of peacockery, they will throw themselves into bed as disposable, meaningless sex aids.

Needless to say this is not what turns women on, and Brian’s work aims to redefine women in men’s eyes so that they can rehabilitate their expectations and thus change their actions, to engage with women in a real way that can produce real results.

Burke’s previous works include two revolutionary and bestselling books on the topic of dominance in social situations, and female psychology. Brian is looking for PR interns who can help to publicize his newest program (details at his site).

A former student of Burke’s explains: “Brian dispels a lot of the myths about attracting women that have been popularized in recent years. The secret to how to turn a woman on lies in not looking for some sort of hidden or ‘secret’ switch. It’s time to stop treating them way (because it does not work), and encourage your friends to do the same, so that you won’t be embarrassed to hang out with them. Instead you and your whole crew will have fun and connect with women in a way that makes them want to give you their phone number and meet up with you again. They know your expectations – whatever they may be. Brian wants to communicate this message even further and is looking for PR interns to assist in effectively promoting his latest works.”

About Go Beyond Dating: is a dating advice website featuring video tutorials, comprehensive study courses, phone and live coaching opportunities, and editorials about dating. Brian Burke is a 7 year veteran as a professional dating coach for men. He is co-author of bestsellers The Attraction Code and Pandora's Box. He now resides at

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