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The medical website Web MD reports that it is medically necessary for all ages of athletes to find the right running shoe for their individual foot. Bruce Wilk, physical therapist concurs,”The best first step in finding the right running shoes is knowing what you will be doing with them.” Wilk notes, "You also have to take into account your body type. Be sure to identify any injuries you have developed from running as well. Problems like shin splints, blisters, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis often can be reversed with the proper fitting running shoes.”

To meet the needs of women runners and female athletes of all sports, “Best Running Shoes for Women” has been working to inform the public on the vast range of running shoes available for purchase. Sally Simpson, Spokesperson for Best Running Shoes explains their goals. “Through our web pages at, we educate women about the variety of running shoes out there from a health standpoint. Every person has a gait which they develop because of their habits, body construction and the shape of their feet.”

In addition to recommending general running shoes, Best Running Shoes explores the best running shoes for flat feet. Simpson elaborates on why this is so important, “While a regular arch is ideal for running as it creates the support needed in order to run with proper balance, an arch which is too low or flat can cause the person to over-pronate, resulting in injuries. These women will require a different pair of running shoes.” She goes on to comment, “Shoe companies have been looking into the matter for the past 20 years and have developed various technologies which can help a runner with flat feet to run comfortably and properly.”

Simpson also discusses why running shoes such as nike free run womens shoes are easily recommended for those seeking a more natural sensation. “Barefoot running, which is sometimes also known as natural running or minimalism is considered one of the best way to run in order to build up strength and endurance; it may even correct the runner’s style while helping him/her develop a forefoot landing which can help reduce the number of strain related injuries. With the best of these women’s running shoes you can execute jaunts which will feel just as though you were doing them with no footwear whilst keeping your feet comfy and safe.”

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Best Running Shoes for Women has been established to present a list of colorful running shoes for women from different running shoe manufacturers with information on how these running shoes are health-oriented as well as fashionable. Through their web pages they seek to educate women who run as to the finest in running shoes for their type of feet and style of running. Topics such as technical advances in running shoes and running on various terrains are also discussed.


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