Best Reusable Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs for Concert | How Noise Cancelling Ear Plug Filters to Prevent Hearing Loss

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Ear plugs are ideal safety devices for wherever you may be: at the park, at the office, in your room or on the bus. These handy gadgets come in all manner of designs and sizes, which makes getting one that meets all your needs a daunting task. That said, the standout consideration is safety, which is why shoppers often search for the best noise cancelling ear plugs.

These are readily available online and at your local entertainment store, but not all ear plugs in the market are fitted with effective, safe filters. In the article below, we discuss how noise cancelling ear plugs prevent hearing loss so you can continue listening to your favorite song, podcast or video.

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Scientific Data on Hearing Loss

As much as we love our earphones, experts have shown that long-term use and exceedingly loud volume could result in extensive ear damage, along with hearing loss. According to, more than 1.1 billion young adults are also at risk of hearing loss as a result of turning up the volume on their smartphones and other devices. About one in eight people in the United States — roughly 30 million people — ages 12 and older have hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations conducted as part of the

U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Furthermore, Noisy Planet conducted a study among two groups of people: those who use ear plugs and those who do not. The study indicated that 42% of the participants who did not use ear plugs experienced some hearing loss and tinnitus, or ringing in your ears that can be caused by exposure to loud noise. By comparison, only 12% of the participants who wore ear plugs experienced the same hearing damage.

How Do Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs Work?

Noise cancelling ear plugs are uniquely built to filter out and block any sound from your environment. Unlike common foam and silicone ear plugs, they are built to last and come with key features that guarantee comfort during use. Additionally, the plugs are designed with filters that block out any excessive noises or sounds that may damage the ear after continual use.

Most high-fidelity ear plugs used for music festivals, DJs, musicians, motorcycling, work and air traffic filter out noise through passive noise cancelling or excessive sound cancelling. This means that they actively cancel out any noise from the surroundings, at any given time, before it reaches your ears.

The ear plugs contain an anti-noise feature, allowing them to counteract any excessive noise. Like headphones with these noise cancellation features, noise cancelling ear plugs have circuits that detect excess noise or unwanted disturbances from the environment. This feature is fitted in a microphone that automatically translates this noise into anti-sound. The sound is then transferred to the ear as a crisp, noiseless sound. Not all ear plugs available in the market have this feature, so it is important to check before placing any purchases. Ear plugs are slightly different from earmuffs, but both work as hearing protectors to reduce noise reaching the eardrum significantly.

If you are in an area that is too noisy, put on noise cancelling ear plugs to block out any excess sounds that may damage your ears, such as especially high-pitched frequencies. The best noise cancelling ear plugs will still allow you to hear your surroundings to continue to interact with your environment normally.

Why EarPeace’s Ear Plugs for Concert Stand Out

Built for You

Comfortable enough to wear all day, the low-profile concert ear plugs have been used by professional musicians for over a decade. The premium silicone ear plugs are soft and hypoallergenic, providing in-ear hearing protection when the music is live and loud. Each set of EarPeace musicians’ ear plugs comes with an ultra-premium aluminum carrying case, with three ear plugs and three filter sets, so you are ready to wear them in any environment.

Whether you’re making music or listening to it, getting right up to the front of the stage can be hard on the ears. Concert ear plugs from EarPeace are designed to exceed the exacting standards of performing artists by turning down the volume while keeping the sound crisp and clear. The result is superior sound quality and safety at long, loud events.

All-Night Comfort and Protection

You will forget you are wearing EarPeace music ear plugs. The noise-cancelling technology is now available in the softest, premium silicone ear plugs for concerts to keep you comfortable. The ear plugs have a dual flange design that gently seals the ear with no hard edges. The soft, hypoallergenic reusable ear plugs for concert keep you comfortable wherever you are, at any time of the day.

Guaranteed Performance Anywhere

Every EarPeace ear plug is outfitted with medium, high and maximum noise reduction filters. Each filter set performs differently to fit your specific needs. The medium and high filters are high fidelity and can lower the sound pressure across frequencies. The max filter is a total block filter for when you need to really turn down the volume. The professional-grade, high-fidelity ear plugs provide hearing protection while delivering crisp, clear sound at a safe volume.

Because the filters provide comfortable yet effective in-ear protection for noise reduction, they are great for concert-goers, performing musicians, construction workers, attendees at sporting events, and fitness class participants.

Made by Professionals, for Professionals

Brands like Metallica, RedBull and Lollapalooza choose EarPeace because the brand makes the highest quality ear plugs for noise reduction to still hear the music clearly; this is a huge bonus for music lovers. The ear plugs are thus ideal music equipment for every guitar case and DJ kit.

Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs Work?

For effective noise cancellation, the ear plugs are fitted with tiny speakers that allow for seamless communication. Next to the communication speakers sits a microphone that collects all the noises and sounds from the surroundings that may be affecting crisp communication between the two parties. As soon as the signal is received, a circuit clears out the noise by converting it into anti-sound or anti-noise. The resulting anti-noise is channeled to the speaker along with the communication. Just before it enters the ear, the undesirable noise is filtered out.

As a plus, sound insulation is also added to the ear plugs. This insulation is in the material from which the ear plugs are made, and the silicone gel packs seal off any spaces between the ear and the ear plugs.

Could Everyday Sounds Cause Hidden Hearing Loss?

Yes, and studies are showing that these cases are on the rise. Close to 45 million Americans already have tinnitus, characterized by an incessant ringing or buzzing in the ears that only the afflicted can hear. Everyday noise exposure at work, at home or even at your favorite restaurant, are causative factors for hearing damage.

Unfortunately, this damage may not be picked up during routine clinical checkups, even though one is already experiencing hearing loss. This is why prevention, through noise cancelling ear plugs, is so essential to prolonging and promoting ear health.

How Does Wearing Dual Hearing Protectors Change NRR?

Some hearing protectors are a combination of both ear plugs and earmuffs. Each product will have its own specific noise reduction rating (NRR), which measures its effectiveness at reducing noise exposure in different environments, such as workplaces and concerts.

To calculate the NRR for your combined hearing protectors, add five to the device with the highest NRR. For example, if your ear plugs have an NRR of 20, while the earmuffs have an NRR of 22, the total NRR of the hearing protectors will be 27.

Ear Plugs for Concert, Work and Home

EarPeace offers a diverse, comfortable solution to the onset of hearing loss. To learn more about the ear plugs for concert, loud workplaces and everyday listening activities, please visit the company’s Amazon storefront or its official website.

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