Best Real Estate Professional Offers Expanded National Realtor-Matching Service

The exclusive Realtor matching service is now available for homebuyers and sellers nationwide.

Best Real Estate Professional (, a national Realtor matching service, is proud to announce its expanded network of highly qualified and experienced Realtors across all 50 U.S. States. Best Real Estate Professional is a free online service that helps solve the most important question that potential homebuyers and sellers face: How do I find a professional Realtor that I can trust? Through its online platform, the Arizona-based service completes a custom search to identify the most experienced, successful, and knowledgeable realtors that specialize in a homebuyer or seller’s specific geographic area.

Founded by Pam Stevenson, a real estate veteran with over 27 years of experience as a Realtor with dozens of accolades, awards, and publications, Best Real Estate Professional was created with the goal to help homebuyers and sellers choose the right real estate agent the first time, saving people time, money, and frustration. Best Real Estate Professional has sought out to gather the best real estate agents in the country whose high standards of practice align with Stevenson’s.

“As a Realtor who has held the honor of being among one of the top ten percent of Realtors in Arizona, and in the top one percent of realtors in the U.S., I understand the high caliber of professionalism and knowledge to which I hold myself; this is exactly the standard that I created for all of the realtors that are recommended through the Best Real Estate Professional platform,” said Stevenson.

Best Real Estate Professional provides fast and free Realtor recommendations in all 50 states, with major bonus perks for using the service. After buying or selling a home through one of its recommended Realtors, Best Real Estate Professional offers over 20 vacation packages for buyers or sellers to choose from as an added benefit.

“I have a true passion for real estate, and I want to help the average buyer or seller find the best possible Realtor with the same level of passion and commitment with which to work, wherever they be around the country,” concluded Stevenson.

About Best Real Estate Professional:
Founded by Pam Stevenson, Best Real Estate Professional is a free online service that matches homebuyers and sellers with highly credentialed and experienced Realtors nationwide. This professional service cuts the guesswork out of verifying the qualifications or dependability of a Realtor; Stevenson has accomplished that through her expanding database of vetted real estate professionals. There is a place for buyers, sellers, and Realtors at Best Real Estate Professional. To learn more about Best Real Estate Professional, visit, or call 888-598-9398 today.

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