BEST Portable Bluetooth Speakers and Over 50% off DEALS on Wireless Speaker Sets Revealed

5 BEST Bluetooth Speakers and 4 Types of Low Quality Portable Speakers to AVOID Reviewed

There are literally hundreds of Bluetooth speakers in the market, however, most cannot be recommended due to certain deficiencies. The 4 biggest complaints on portable wireless speakers are (1) short battery life, (2) imbalanced treble, mids, and bass, (3) difficulty in pairing, and (4) frequent Bluetooth connection drops.

This Review of the TOP 5 Bluetooth Speakers helps consumers avoid poor-quality wireless speakers with above-mentioned flaws.

“To say that the majority of BT speakers in the current marketplace are subpar, is an understatement. Many so called ‘best wireless speakers’ are plagued with poor audio quality and must be avoided by all means” warns Stephanie Lemus, a co-author of the above Bluetooth speaker review.

Go to http://Cordless.Club/BEST-Portable-Bluetooth-Speakers/ for detailed reviews on the TOP rated Bluetooth speakers of 2015.

The above list has been compiled based on various tech specs such as (1) multi-point connectivity, (2) suitability for outdoor use, (3) battery life, (4) audio quality, and availability of (5) speakerphones, (6) NFC, (7) built-in sub-woofers, (8) built-in MP3 players, (9) SD card slots, and (10) built-in microphones. However, it should be emphasized that the more popular, best-rated Bluetooth speakers in the 2015 market are often non-sophisticated and do not come with many of the above 'fancy' features. “Don’t forget that, more often than not, less is more” reminds Lemus.

16 Irresistible Bluetooth Speaker DEALS lists current deals on portable speakers.

“A 70% discount on a crappy speaker doesn’t make it a good deal. That’s why the above 16 deals were handpicked to include only the best Bluetooth speaker models. At the time of writing this, at least 5 of them were discounted 50% or more of the list price” elaborates Lemus.

Some of the best BT speaker sales are on high-end models like the Creative Labs Sound Blaster, TDK Life weatherproof speaker, JBL outdoor/indoor Bluetooth speaker, Jawbone Big Jambox, Beats Pill portable speaker, and Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker. In addition to the above deals, they also list markdowns on budget-friendly wireless speaker sets like the Photive Hydra rugged water resistant speaker, DKnight Magicbox, and OontZ Angle ultra-portable speaker. Some of these budget models are priced at less than $20. “At such prices, you’d think they’re below-par. However, in reality, they’re tremendously popular having received 4000+ customer reviews” exclaims Lemus.

“The bigger the market, the bigger the competition” Lemus emphasizes. Given the convenience of wireless technology, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, headphones, soundbars and even home theater sub-woofers are getting more and more popular every passing day. Consequently, the competition among BT speaker manufacturers has gotten pretty tough. In an attempt to lure buyers, newly released models are being endowed with hundred and one specs, some useful, others outright silly. For example, the ability to use a portable speaker outdoors can be useful. Typically, the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker sets have a moisture-resistant coating. In contrast, indoor speakers do not come with this coating. Another useful feature to look at is the battery life. While some models come with only about 5 hours of battery life, others come with up to 18 hours of battery life with a single recharge. Even though one should not expect audiophile-quality music from these portable, wireless units, properly balanced lows, mids and highs are a must for any good Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, many Bluetooth speakers in today’s market have poor bass.

“Before you find out what the best Bluetooth speakers are, it’s important to understand what you want from a wireless speaker. For example, whether you will be extensively using it outdoors, whether you’ll be pairing it with multiple devices, whether you’ll be playing a lot of base-heavy music etc. are important decisions to make. Once you understand your expectations, deciding which speaker suits you best is generally an easy task” concludes Lemus.

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