Best E Cigarette Reviews Published On Rebel Mouse To Cut Out Scam E Cigarette Offers

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A comprehensive E Cigarette Review has been published by regular users of the product to offer genuine, impartial insight onto the best, and worst, providers of e-cigarettes in America.

Electronic cigarettes provide a novel way to overcome the increasing shortcomings of a smoking habit. Public bans, health warnings and increased taxes have made smokers feel increasingly ostracized, and e-Cigarettes have provided a water-vapor based solution that can even be smoked indoors. With the rise of e-cigarettes as a mainstream alternative to smoking, many providers are cutting corners on quality and cashing in with aggressive marketing. A detailed E-Cigarette Review has just been published on Rebel Mouse to assist those considering the switch to Electronic Cigarettes to cut through the hyperbole and find the true best provider.

The E-Cigarette comparison has taken five of the most advertised brands of electronic cigarette and pitted them against one another in a hardcore product test. The products were analyzed according to their general first impression and product design, the amount of vapor that each e-cig produced, how easy it was to draw, the quality of taste and variety of flavor, cartridge lifetime and battery lifetime.

The result is a ranked list of the providers with an honest and unvarnished impression of their usefulness to smokers and their quality relative to the rest of the field.

A spokesperson for the E Cigarette Reviews explained, “We judged all the e-cigarette products we tested by the same criteria to ensure that our reviews were fair and representative, and created exhaustive criteria to ensure no stone was left unturned. Through two days of heavy usage we tested the devices to their limits. The results of our review can therefore be said to be authoritative. We make recommendations for the best suppliers and we condemn the worst to ensure that advertisers aren’t pulling the wool over people’s eyes when it comes to investing their hard earned cash in a device they will be using every day.”

About Best E Cigarette Reviews:
Best E Cigarette Reviews were created by e-cigarette enthusiasts who wanted to find out the truth - which really is the best electronic cigarette and which use misleading hype. The writers tried out several brands and documented everything they experienced during the 2 days of heavy e-smoking.

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Name: Joe Bragg
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Organization: Brandoutreach
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Name: Joe Bragg
Email: Send Email
Organization: Brandoutreach