Best Dog Crates and Beds Increase Publication Rate To Ten Editorials Per Week With New Editorial Team is now uploading more articles than ever covering a broader range of topics thanks to an extended editorial team, with their reviews supplemented by dog training content and more.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and their loyalty has been earned and honed over an entire civilisation, throughout which people have bred them to their tastes and created the most diverse array of shapes and sizes, colors and personalities in any animal species. Because people love them so much, they want to provide the best home for them, which requires a mix of comfort and discipline. Best Dog Crates And Beds specializes in the comfort side of things, but has now begun to introduce training articles to supplement their existing work, and is upping their rate of publication after increasing their editorial team with new high quality writers.

The site already publishes five new dog bed and dog crate reviews a week, and its dog product reviews are the foundation of their new traffic, helping people decide for themselves using independent insight and detailed analysis what the best product is for their needs, whether it be a dog bedding or a dog playpen.

The reviews are now supplemented by an increasing number of articles on dog training and good habits, which can help owners curb their dog’s unwanted behaviors while encouraging them to learn new tricks, be more obedient and get more from their relationship with their owners. The content is proving popular with existing users and hugely increasing reader retention.

A spokesperson for Best Dog Crates and Beds explained, “Individuals who have used our website in the past to buy a dog bed trust us because they have seen the insight and evaluative rigor in our reviews, and they know we have put the same passion into our research on dog training. We share the best and most effective discoveries we make with the same easy to understand format people love from us, and it’s boosting our daily readership significantly. We hope to become the home of all the knowledge dog owners need.”

About Best Dog Crates and Beds: Best Dog Crates and Beds aims to be the premium online resource center for dog owners on the web. They aim to provide great dog product reviews, with a specific focus on dog beds, dog crates, and dog playpens. The site has recently expanded to include provision of great, in depth dog training articles written by professional trainers.

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