Best Barbells Publishes New Editorial on The Ultimate Bicep Barbell Workout

Best Barbells has collated a series of free tutorials on barbell exercises for bicep development, including their latest editorial on the ultimate bicep barbell workout.

Barbells are one of the icons of fitness, and anyone who wants to create muscle mass rapidly is well advised to use these tools, which have crafted the bodies of everyone who has ever won Mr. Universe as well as Hollywood stars and athletes. Best Barbells is a relatively new website created to give people advice on how to get the best out of barbell lifting, so that people can use a set they have readily available at home to sculpt their body and to increase their strength, fitness and stamina.

The latest publication from the site is Dumbbell Curls – A Collection of Bicep Workouts, which includes four distinct exercises focused on the biceps. The article recommends doing a set of each of the different exercises in rotation, concentrating on different parts of the bicep and using it in different ways to get the most robust workout in the minimum time.

This is a follow up to their previous popular article on three lesser known bicep curl exercises that everyone should be doing, including Zottman curls and Spider curls. The new editorial includes the pronated dumbbell curl, which uses a downward facing hand grip to introduce the forearm muscles and work the lower bicep.

A spokesperson for Best Barbells explained, “We are committed to providing the best free resources available on the internet for those interested in using barbells effectively to increase their strength and fitness, as well as their body image. We have published this latest collection of barbell exercises for biceps so that people understand the bicep curl is not the only way to stimulate the bicep muscle, but variations on this theme can actually produce more effective means of achieving the results they want. Studies have shown that variety in exercise makes muscles respond more dynamically to exercise and increases their mass and density, so this program is ideal.”

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Best Barbells has well researched information on barbell exercises, dumbbell workouts and other kinds of fitness equipment. The site’s main aim is to help readers become healthier and fitter, by providing information, inspiration and resources for people to achieve their fitness aims in ways they might not have thought about.

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