Best 6 Social Media Apps For Marketers

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If you want to expand your business, reach more customers, and generate more revenue, social media is an excellent marketing platform. Various social media apps allow users to share and promote their products. 

You can smoothly run a digital campaign on the social media app. Billions of people are using these social media applications. If you want to know about the best 6 social media apps for marketers, read further to learn. 

1. Facebook: 

Facebook is the most prominent and widely used social media platform on the internet. Billions of people are using this platform, and it allows marketers to use this platform for promoting their markets. 

More than 2 billion active users use Facebook. There are some Facebook marketing tools; you can use them for advertising, and Facebook also provides paid advertising to potential customers. 

2. Twitter: 

Twitter is a microblogging social platform that allows various brands, businesses, and uses to communicate short messages. These short messages are called Tweets. These tweets should not be more than 280 characters. It is a powerful tool to use for any business. 

More than 336 million people use this platform, from USA's President to ordinary people. Twitter also provides some analytics and marketing tools to track your growth. It is a great platform to use in social media campaigns. 

3. YouTube: 

YouTube is a video hosting website. Every user can upload the video on YouTube and share it with everyone. It is a gigantic video-sharing platform as it has more than 1.8 billion monthly active users. 

YouTube is continually evolving, and it also has added stories option. You can promote your business with music and video content on YouTube. You can find various video content on this website. Its app supports Android and iOS. 

4. Instagram: 

Instagram supports Android and iOS. It is a great social media platform that is extensively used by youngsters. It is photos, videos, and message sharing platforms. Facebook has bought this platform in 2002 for $1 billion. 

Instagram has more than one billion active users. There is a unique business interface with advanced tools like analytics and tracking. It helps marketers to advertise and promote their brands with a variety of customers. 

5. Planoly: 

Planoly is a visual planner for Instagram that is extensively used by marketers. IT helps you to see each Instagram post with detailed analysis and tracking. It is Hootsuite's social marketing app. This app supports iOS and Android platforms. You can use Instagram effectively for marketing if you have the Planoly app.

6. Crello: 

Crello is a social media manager who helps create stunning and beautiful images and animations to promote business accounts. You don't need any designing experience to use this app. 

There are more than 10000 readymade templates and 30 formats; you can directly use them and boost your digital reputation. Crello supports iOS and Android. You can also use its official website to design various animations of high quality. 


There are essential apps for marketers. You can use all of them and promote your brand to the sky level. If you feel stressed, you can use vaping juice to ease your mind. Comment below if you have any questions. 

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