Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Launches Awareness Efforts For Frozen Pipe Prevention

Plumbing Experts Provide Advice For Preventing Damage Stemming From Burst Pipes.

According to statistics from the plumbing industry, at least 200 gallons of water can be lost through a single ruptured pipe caused by freezing temperatures before a homeowner realizes there is a problem. In addition to an exorbitant water bill, this type of leak can lead to an average of $15,000 in residual damages stemming from weakened structural components, destroyed flooring and mold and mildew growth. In order to help save homeowners the grief of such catastrophes, the staff of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has launched efforts to make those in Pompton Lakes and the surrounding areas aware of the importance of preventing frozen pipes.

Company spokesperson Doug Loranger affirmed, "The last thing we want is for our customers to suffer the types of loss often resulting from even a small fracture in a pipe. A number of steps can be taken to help prevent pipes from freezing, but if they do happen to freeze, they can often be thawed before the ice within expands enough to cause them to burst. These are simple but effective measures requiring little to no cost for the homeowner."

Loranger noted perhaps the most widely known measure is allowing faucets to drip when temperatures are expected to plunge into the freezing range. The small but steady flow of water decreases the chances of freezing and causing further damage. Ensuring the home's insulation levels are adequate is also paramount as this protects pipes underneath the home and those running through exterior walls. Further defense against subfreezing temperatures can be gained through wrapping exposed pipes with insulation. Old blankets and towels can be substituted, as long as vulnerable pipes are covered and these materials are secured.

When pipes do freeze, they can be thawed if caught before they burst. Loranger cautions against using blow torches of any kind, as doing so can damage pipes and increase the risk of fire if used by inexperienced individuals; however, a hair dryer can be a safe, effective tool in warming pipes enough to melt an ice blockage. Bottled water should always be kept on hand whether store bought or gathered in empty jugs before an anticipated freeze. This water can then be heated on the stove and poured slowly over pipes to thaw them.

Concluded Loranger, "In some cases, pipes can freeze despite homeowners' best efforts to prevent such an occurrence. For these situations, we provide around the clock frozen pipes repair to help keep the damage to an absolute minimum. We will send one of our expert technicians out right away, any time day or night, to help remedy any problem they may have. We can also offer advice on preventing the issue from arising again in the future."

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