Benistar Attends Fresno Wellness Fair

Two Benistar client services team members recently attended the Fresno Wellness Fair and contributed to discussions during several meetings and at a retiree luncheon as well as handing out giveaways to attendees.

Representatives from the Benistar client services team attended the Fresno Wellness Fair in Fresno County in October.  The representatives answered questions and handed out giveaways along with representatives from The Hartford, as well as attending a retiree luncheon and giving a brief presentation. In addition, Benistar contributed an iPad, a Kindle Fire and a Kindle Paper White for giveaways in the raffle.

The service team representatives were on hand to answer questions and share information with retirees who were looking for help with finding an insurance plan as well as those who were interested in new prescription drug coverage.  With help from Benistar, current and future retirees will be able to navigate the Medicare landscape a little more confidently and make informed decisions about their employer offered benefits.  Benistar offers professional advice and services that allow retirees to find the perfect health care plan to meet their budgets, no matter how limited their incomes may be.  The company can also help with prescription drug coverage.

Benistar, as seen at, offers help to retirees who are looking for health care coverage and prescription plans.  The company focuses its attention on finding the best coverage for Medicare eligible retirees in both health insurance plans and prescription drug coverage options.  Benistar,, offers a full spectrum of plans to meet every need.

For plan sponsors of retiree benefits who need health insurance or prescription drug benefits, Benistar,, can assist in delivering the right solution.

About Benistar:  Benistar was established in 1978 and is a nationwide leader in the design, implementation and installation of retiree benefits plans.  The company focuses its efforts on administration of retiree health insurance and prescription drug plans and works with consultants and brokers to provide medical and prescription solutions for companies worldwide.

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