Bellucci Premium Responds to an Article Listing 5 Different Ways to Use Olive Oil Outside of Cooking

Organic olive oil producer Bellucci Premium comments on an article listing 5 unique ways to utilize olive oil, like organic olive oil, outside of the kitchen

Bohemia, NY / / Bellucci Premium, a high quality organic olive oil producer, responds on an article discussing 5 various ways to utilize olive oil in everyday life outside of cooking.

In article published by The Daily Californian on February 25th titled "5 interesting ways to use olive oil outside the kitchen," five unique, everyday uses for olive oil outside of cooking are listed.

  1. Makeup remover: Dabbing olive oil onto a cotton ball can gently and naturally removes makeup. After removing makeup with the cotton ball, be sure to cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser and moisturize.

  2. Shaving cream or gel: Use olive oil as an all-natural shaving cream replacement. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants that hydrate the skin and allow for a smooth, razor-burn free shave.

  3. Hair conditioner: Olive oil can deeply moisturize hair. When used as a weekly deep conditioner, olive oil can make hair shinier, sleeker, and healthier. Place extra virgin olive oil on the head and wrap plastic around the head to keep steady. Leave in for several hours, and then shampoo.

  4. Greasing measuring spoons and cups: If cooking or baking with sticky ingredients, lightly line the measuring spoon or cup with olive oil for easy clean up.

  5. Treating sunburns: The antioxidants in olive oil can also help heal sunburns. Gently apply olive oil to the affected area and massage in.

Natalie Sexenian, marketing manager for Italian olive oil producer Bellucci Premium, says, "The vitamins and antioxidants found in olive oil allow for it to be more than just a great cooking ingredient. It also has nourishing powers that support healthy looking skin and hair."

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