Bel Marra Health Weighs in on Study Showing Avocados Lower Cholesterol

Bel Marra Health discusses the results of a recent study showing the benefits of avocados in reducing cholesterol.

Bel Marra Health (www., a company that offers specially formulated vitamins and nutritional products, is weighing in on a study showing that avocados can help lower cholesterol.

Avocados have been recently given the auspicious honour of being one of the superfoods. The fruit, unique because of its fat content and its ability to be enjoyed any time of day with any meal, has been proven to contain healthy fat that can aid in weight loss as well as lower cholesterol. The study by Hass Avocado Board examined multiple results of 229 participants to conclude that eating one and a half avocados per day could greatly reduce cholesterol levels, even for those who are already relatively healthy. (Ryan, L., “How eating avocado could save your life: Fruit ‘lowers cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease’,” Daily Mail Online, February 16, 2016;

“The reason we make such a big deal about cholesterol is because it is the main cause of cardiovascular disease,” says Dr. Victor Marchione, spokesperson for Bel Marra Health. “And cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death for both men and women. So, anything we can do to reduce cholesterol is a way to save lives.”

Avocados can be used as a substitute for solid fats. They are also high in fibre and should be included into the daily diet. Since avocados are fruits, eating one each day is considered to be part of the suggested fruit intake, something people tend to struggle with.

“There’s almost no downside to eating avocados daily,” Dr. Marchione continues. “Exceeding the suggested amount of one to one and a half is probably not a good idea, but other than that, people should try to find ways to incorporate this fruit into their diets. It could help save lives.”

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