Bel Marra Health Weighs in on Studies Showing Eczema Can Cause Low Energy

Bel Marra Health discusses a new study that shows a correlation between skin conditions and low levels of energy.

Bel Marra Health (, a company that offers specially formulated vitamins and nutritional products, is weighing in on a study showing that eczema can cause low energy.

In a study conducted by Northwestern University of over 34,000 adults, research showed a correlation between participants with skin conditions such as eczema and decreased levels of energy. The research also showed that individuals with eczema were more likely to suffer from insomnia and daytime sleepiness when compared to those who don’t have the condition. (Source: “Is this to blame for low energy?” Bel Marra Health, January 21, 2016;

“It can be difficult to see how the two are associated,” says Dr. Victor Marchione, spokesperson for Bel Marra Health. “But the results from the study are clear and do show a correlation between skin conditions like eczema and lower energy levels.”

Eczema is fairly common and is estimated to affect up to 30% of Americans alone. Climate is a contributor to eczema, with those living in drier areas being more susceptible to developing skin conditions.

“The interesting thing about the connection between eczema and poor energy is the fact that it’s twofold,” Dr. Marchione continues. “We’ve learned through this study that eczema contributes to poor sleep and low energy, but not getting enough rest also exacerbates the condition. It’s a cycle that will continue unless it is addressed.”

Moisturizing the affected areas is one way of treating eczema or similar dry-skin conditions. Also, because stress plays a role in making eczema worse, finding ways to manage that stress through yoga, meditation, or lifestyle changes will reduce the symptoms.

“Ensuring a good night’s sleep, a stable healthy diet, and control over stress triggers can do wonders for the skin’s well-being, not to mention it’s a great way to avoid new conditions from developing,” Dr. Marchione advises. “In extreme cases, seeking the opinion of a medical professional is encouraged.”

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