Bed Bug Removal Guide Warns Travelling Families To Stay Alert This Christmas

Bed Bug Removal Guide was created in response to the bed bug epidemic, and offers new advice and guidance on preventing and avoiding bed bug infestations over the holiday season.

In 2012, Bed Bugs became the center of a news furore as infestations spread throughout America, seemingly like wildfire. Even TIME magazine reported on the issue, and provided insight that the spread of these bugs was largely due to their hitching a ride in the clothes of travellers. In 2013, the epidemic has continued to spread despite the press losing interest, and Bed Bug Removal Guide specializes in helping people manage the problem. They have recently released new content on staying clear of bed bugs during the holiday season.

The popular online magazine has already developed informative editorials including ‘signs you have a bed bug problem’ and ‘methods to get rid of bed bugs’, but they have now published new material on staying safe from bed bugs while travelling. The advice includes information on isolating and eliminating infestations that may have occurred in clothes, towels and sheets.

The website explains that bed bugs can live for months without feeding and enter a stasis-like state to survive until they find a suitable habitat, which is why they are so difficult to eliminate. The guide gives a great deal of different methodologies for reducing their numbers which, combined, can succeed in getting rid of them, but the site insists that prevention is better than cure.

A spokesperson for Bed Bug Removal Guide explained, “Like Mary and Joseph returning for the census, many individuals return to their hometowns around the time of their holidays. What they do not realize is that they may be taking bed bugs with them, or inadvertently returning with bed bugs stowed away ready to infest their homes. We offer practical guidance on avoiding bed bugs and how to eliminate the infestation should the worst happen. Our resources are constantly being updated with new approaches, so individuals should check back regularly for the latest news and developments.”

About Bed Bug Removal Guide:
The Bed Bug Removal Guide’s sole focus is to provide comprehensive information about bed bugs. The blog has already posted on popular topics including how to kill bed bugs, bed bug rash, bed bugs treatment and what do bed bugs look like. Further to this, the blog regularly updates with news and updates on bed bug infestations and newly discovered ways to tackle them.

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