Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup Company Launches All Natural Dead Sea Mineral Makeup Offering Free Samples

Fort Lauderdale, FL / April 22, 2014 / In recognition of their newest product, Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup is offering free samples of Dead Sea Mineral Makeup that will soon be available on beauty shelves in the coming months.

Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup, the beauty products manufacturer known for its 100% all-natural ingredients, is treating beauty enthusiast customers to must-have free samples of the newest, hottest craze in all-natural makeup revolution: Dead Sea Mineral Makeup.

For years, Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup has been offering true vegan, gluten-free products that are responsibly manufactured without animal testing. The new Dead Sea Mineral Makeup, slated for a grand launch and release in the coming months, is taking makeup safety and effectiveness to new heights.

With its completely harmless ingredients, even the most beautiful women celebrities and beauty experts can rely on Dead Sea Mineral Makeup for safety. The soon-to-be-released makeup product is free from harmful additives, preservatives, fragrances and chemicals such as anyon, as well as fillers like bismuth oxychloride and talc. It also provides natural UVA/UVB sun protection due to zinc oxide.

"We have simply filtered it down to the purest and most natural ingredients," said Jennifer Tolentino, Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup Managing Director. "We use simple formulas of pure and hypoallergenic ingredients that are only beneficial for your skin and even recognized by dermatologists and aestheticians," she added.

Made from natural pigments, the Dead Sea Mineral Makeup can perfectly blend with and mimic different skin tones for a flawless, natural look. It is a gentle, light powder that feels light on the skin yet provides excellent coverage with long lasting staying power.

Beyond enhancing a person's look, however, the Dead Sea Mineral Makeup also effectively addresses the pressing problem of dry skin. The all-natural makeup has humectants that help keep the skin moisturized while controlling oil to keep the skin matte and fresh-looking.

Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup is offering an exclusive trial of the revolutionary makeup. Dead Sea Mineral Makeup free samples, as well as wholesale pricing and free shipping for orders of $49 or more, are offered to customers through Free Makeup Samples Coupon Code: 03SAMPLES12

To find out more about Dead Sea Mineral Makeup that is guaranteed to take the beauty world by storm, please visit for information and to get access to exclusive free samples.

About Beauty Secret Mineral Makeup

Beauty Secrets Mineral Makeup was founded in 2011 to provide consumers not only with pure natural gluten free ingredients, but also a product that is 100% animal cruelty-free and vegan. The company is one of the first to incorporate Dead Sea minerals into their products.

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