Beauty End Health Launches Campaign to Save Consumers Money On Heels of Recession

Beauty End Health analyzes products to determine if they live up to their promises.

According to Partnership Capital Growth, approximately 87 percent of American consumers make use of one or more dietary supplements, and this industry accounted for $26.9 billion at retail in 2009. Furthermore, for the same year, the diet control and weight loss industry brought in $60 billion, while 69 percent of Americans now choose to make use of alternative and/or complementary medicine.

"Determining which products and services actually work becomes a major challenge due to the wide range of items currently available. Beauty End Health strives to reduce some of the confusion surrounding dietary supplements and diet control products, understanding consumers need assistance in this area," Jane Abbott of Beauty End Health ( states.

Vitamin C products remain popular with consumers as this vitamin is helpful for the treatment of constricted blood vessels and high blood pressure, among other things. Many don't realize, however, that this antioxidant benefits the skin in many ways also. To see these benefits, consumers discover it is best to apply a serum containing the vitamin directly to the skin, leading many to make use of Vitamin C Serum (

"In addition to providing antioxidants to the skin, Vitamin C Serum provides the skin with the vitamin C needed to build collagen, a protein essential to skin elasticity. The serum gives the skin a healthy, youthful glow, and it also adds fullness to the face, all benefits users appreciate," Abbott explains.

Consumers looking for a product which benefits the face, skin, and hair choose to turn to Moroccan Argan Oil ( because this product can be used for all three areas with great success. Consumers began using pure forms of this oil to smooth frizzy hair and reduce split ends and found that the oil did much more. It leaves a wonderful scent in the hair and makes the hair look shinier also.

When applied to the skin, Moroccan Argan Oil moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth, clear, and radiant and helps to ease dry, itchy scalp. When used on the scalp, consumers must wash the hair to remove any traces because, if this step isn't taken, the hair appears greasy. The oil also benefits the hands and body when applied as a moisturizer.

"Visit Beauty End Health to learn more about these and many other great products. The vast array of beauty items currently available leaves many consumers confused as to where their money should be spent. Beauty End Health works to reduce this confusion by reviewing popular products to see if they live up to their claims and are worth their asking price, so consumers don't have to rely on trial and error any longer," Abbott proclaims.

About Beauty End Health:
Beauty End Health strives to provide consumers with the information they need before making a purchase involving skin care and weight loss. With many products to select from, consumers need help determining which best meets their needs without spending a fortune, and this is where Beauty End Health comes in. The site provides the details consumers wish to have when researching products for their face and body.

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