Beauty Addicts Blow Cover on Best and Worst Acne treatment

Beauty experts at the cosmetic blog,, are empowering acne sufferers with some vital information in their latest blog, 'How to choose the Best Acne Treatment for You'.

A BCC research revealed that the Global Acne Medications Market is worth over $3 billion. And the United States is the largest market with approximately 50 million acne sufferers. For acne medication producers, the latter is great news.
But with so many acne products on the market, it's enough to leave those plagued by acne eternally confused.
But there is hope. The article provides the scoop on the top 3 acne treatment on the market and the top 2 to avoid. The treatments were tested by the team of beauty experts over the course of 4 weeks, and were rated based on their formulation quality, results, main acne actives, side effects and money's worth.

Among the brands and products tested, the first one was found to offer the most natural approach with no irritation or skin rebounding issues from peroxide benzoyle. The second one was the most cost effective treatment, yet produced excellent results, and the third treatment, while being the most marketed, offered less in terms of value for money, results and formulation quality. listed two products to avoid. One was said to not offer a complete treatment, and was too drying, while the other one was described as too basic to be effective. Both products produced dryness, irritation and new breakouts.

Discussing the reason behind the post, editor of the blog, Sophie said: "I wanted to help people avoid wasting their money on well marketed products and be able to pick the most cost effective products.”

Aside from the acne medication information, readers are educated on the types of acne, the causes of acne and provided a detailed guide on how to choose the best products according to skin type. They can read the latest article about the uses of witch hazel on face skin that will be highly beneficial for acne sufferers.

They are also encouraged to opt for brands that offer reliable money back guarantees, as throughout their testing the team discovered that some companies offered guarantees that were very limited.

"You can still find brands that offer a 15-day guarantee, which is a joke. You can't possibly test an acne product in such a short time frame," the article said.

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