Beats ‘N Byte – The New And Unique 500 Premium Background Music Loops For Animated, Doodle And Broadcast Videos

Video with bad music is highly likely to lose its viewer. Understanding the need for high-quality background music, audio designer Med Dred have created A Premium Music Loops called Beats N’ Bytes to solve all of these problems.

Music is considered to be an important background feature in digital marketing, video marketing because of its extensive usage and the ability to enhance viewers’ arousal and affect. Market researchers reports showed that consumers' moods and emotional responses to advertisements had received increased attention with high-quality background music ads.

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In fact, a major component influencing audience responses is background music playing in commercials. Without affecting the intervening cognitions, background music can put an impact on audience’s moods and purchase intentions.

Beats N' Bytes company has created a library of high-quality music package to cover the need by bringing something fresh and different to the Internet Marketing Industry since it is a fed up with all the same background music played in various purchased products. That familiar music is overplayed music loop, and is a negative experience for customers.

Inside Beats N’ Bytes Music Loops is ten music categories with 50 Music Loops per Pack:

• Premium Copyright Cleared Music
• Royalty Free - Pay Once And Use it For a lifetime.
• Use for user’s videos.
• Use for the video of user’s clients.
• Use for public broadcast videos.
• Never Released, It is a unique package.

What can be utilized from this Beats N’ Bytes’ music:

• Unlimited use of the music worldwide and royalty free. It is recommended for producers who want to reach a wide range of audience. It does not matter how many views or users the project will get. Just pay for once and the product will be the user’s property forever.

• Users can remix, edit, loop and adapt the music. It is free to customize the tracks to fit user’s needs in any way. Now marketers can be confident to have the exact length that suits their particular media. No need to ask for additional permission.

• Friendly, worry-free creative commons license. For more creative control.

• Users can copy, distribute and transmit the music but be attention; users cannot resell music. For instance: this means it ok to make backup copies of the tracks. If user are working with a partner they can attach one of the music files in an email and send it to these partners.

• Users can reuse the music for their clients. Beats and Bytes can help its user make more money per project and find the music they need quickly. This music pack was designed to make it easy for users to do their work without copyright concerns.
Background Music can Help marketers sets the mood of the entire video. Instead of talking about something specifically and in a monotone style, it makes audience feel it instead by driving their emotion.

These high-quality Music was created by a real Sound Engineer named Med Dred; he has always been into music from the young age of seven. Studied in the UK City & Guilds (Sound Engineer) then went off to further his studies, getting himself a Bachelors Degree in Texas. He has been refining and producing his sound for over 25 years. At the moment, he is continuing as a recording artist under the name "Med Dred". Reggae has always been his primary passion because he was brought up in Brixton and went school there. Therefore, his musical influence has always been a heavy bassline on a Reggae Rhythm.

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