Beans Diesel Performance Showcases New Customization Options for Diesel Trucks

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Beans Diesel Performance urges consumers are strongly urged to check out personalization options currently available.

Diesel trucks vary greatly in terms of their pricing, with some models starting at around $34,500 and others running as much as $63,600, according to As Cars Direct states, diesels tend to cost more than their gasoline counterparts as they offer more torque, which requires heavier duty parts and a stronger frame and chassis. "Consumers accept this when making the initial truck purchase, and yet many choose to acquire additional parts and accessories to customize the truck which is where Beans Diesel Performance becomes of great assistance," Ryan Bean of Beans Diesel Performance explains.

The Honey Badger Pump continues to headline many consumer wish lists when it comes to their diesel truck. These high pressure oil pumps come in a variety of versions, making it easy for customers to find exactly what they want and need in an injection pump. "A weak high pressure oil pump leads to many problems in a truck, including under acceleration, poor full economy, and too much smoke. When one choose the Honey Badger Pump, they feel confident knowing the pump features fully remanufactured internals, full ball bearings, and a billet anodized rear cover. In addition, the pump features a two year unlimited mileage warranty," Bean continues.

Others find they need a fuel tank sump and head to Beans Diesel Performance for assistance. Understanding consumers have different needs and different budgets, Beans offers two versions of the fuel tank sump to assist a wider range of customers. As Bean explains, the no frills budget fuel tank sump features CNC cut 6061 billet aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware and is designed to be installed on fuel tanks with a four inch diameter flat area. The performance fuel tank sump comes with a higher price tag and features a drain plug for future tank servicing, yet both install with a single bolt.

Beans Diesel Performance realizes customers want to customize their truck in a variety of ways and offers performance, exterior and UTV parts, among others. "When one finds they need power stroke injectors or power steps, Beans Diesel Performance is the place to turn, and the same is true when one wants custom tuning or BDP apparel. The goal is to offer those items customers most want and need in one convenient location," Bean declares.

About Beans Diesel Performance:
Beans Diesel Performance, a Woodbury, TN full time diesel shop, provides consumers with popular brands for their vehicles, including Air Dog, PPEI, Superchips and Industrial Injection. Whether one needs a clutch, engine part or intercooler, Beans Diesel Performance remains the place to start the search, and the same is true for those in need of BDP apparel or preferred products as the goal is to provide those items customers most want and need.

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