Beans Diesel Performance Launches Diesel Maintenance Campaign for Public Benefit

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Consumers can preserve fuel efficiency and low depreciation rates of diesel vehicles by following a few simple maintenance tips, publishes

Recent reports from the automotive industry chart an estimated 30 percent increase in diesel vehicle sales over the last 10 years, the trend being accredited to a number of positive features. Mercedes and Volkswagen lead the pack in foreign model sales whereas the Ford Power Stroke diesel is among the domestic front runners. Though diesel engines offer several benefits over their gas burning counterparts, experts point out these perks are short lived without proper upkeep. In light of this reality, Ryan Bean of Beans Diesel Performance has launched a campaign to educate the public on proper maintenance of their diesel engines.

Stated Bean, "It's a widely known fact that the overall cost of ownership of a diesel vehicle is typically lower than that of others. The initial purchase price may be a little higher, but fewer maintenance requirements and lower fuel costs more than make up for this price difference. As long as owners make a commitment to regular maintenance, they can expect their vehicles to meet, or even exceed, the 400,000 miles diesel engines are known for lasting."

While lack of an ignition system in diesel vehicles eliminates the need for a tuneup, oil changes are vital to their longevity. Although diesel fuel is less corrosive than gasoline, it is also less refined, which causes the oil to become more contaminated. Industry standards recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles to keep the engine running smoothly.

Appropriate lubrication also helps prevent turbocharger failure, which could be a costly component to replace. In some cases, the turbo simply wears out despite the best of care. When this happens, some choose to upgrade, but many argue this is not worth the effort and recommend simply replacing the factory part with a Beans Diesel obs turbo matching the original.

Using fuel additives during colder weather or taking advantage of diesel fuel with these elements already incorporated is also encouraged; otherwise, the owner risks fuel gelling. Such additives and higher quality fuel also help maintain the integrity of the fuel system, engine and injectors. Fuel grade is often unable to combat the effects of poor driving habits and stop-and-go traffic, leading to greater than normal wear on the fuel injectors. Should this become an issue, replacing the worn injectors with Power Stroke Injectors from Bean's Diesel will help preserve vehicle performance.

Bean Concluded, "A lot of diesel owners complain about rough idling and noise, but installing a Beans Diesel obs efuel system can help with these issues. It also helps to improve filtration and provides more consistent fuel delivery. With these simple efforts, diesel vehicles will maintain their average 30 percent greater fuel efficiency than gas burners and continue to hold their higher resale value."

About Beans Diesel Performance:

Located in Woodbury, Tennessee, Beans Diesel Performance is a full time diesel shop dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their vehicles.

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