Beahm Law Launches Campaign To Educate People On Their DUI Legal Options

Beahm Law has created a new campaign to educate individuals on their DUI legal options, to put the power back in the hands of the accused to prove themselves innocent.

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is one of the most serious moving violations, and can lead to a heavy fine, a ban from driving and a criminal record that can devastate an individual’s economic capacity by draining their existing accounts and endangering their future career options. As such, many people who are landed with a DUI seek to overturn it, especially when wrongly convicted. Beahm Law are DUI experts based in San Francisco, and have launched a campaign to better educate individuals on their DUI options.

Beahm Law takes individuals through their options once they have been served with a DUI, which can be disputed and overturned by a San Francisco DUI attorney acting on an individual’s behalf for a variety of reasons and in a wide range of circumstances. This protects innocent citizens against over-reaching police and prosecutors.

They offer a free DUI consultation via their Beahm Law Facebook page and are the highest rated law firm in San Francisco across Yelp, Google+ and Avvo, and have an a-rated team of specialist professionals that have been hand-picked for their competence in the field of DUI’s and other traffic violations.

A spokesperson for Beahm Law explained, “The DUI and other major traffic violations are very rarely clear cut, and can all too often be given when there still remains reasonable doubt enough that individuals cannot be proved guilty. Our DUI and Traffic Violation consultations are free of charge to help individuals better understand the options available to them, including the possibility of fighting and overturning the conviction and having their criminal record expunged. Our legal advisors are experts in their field and have been seen on ABC, MSNBC, CBS and FOX giving authoritative legal advice that now anyone can benefit from for free.”

About Beahm Law:
Beahm Law was founded on the principles of providing a radically different, exceptional legal service to clients. They provide criminal defense to those accused of crimes like DUI, reckless driving, drug possession, drug trafficking and other offenses that regular, law abiding citizens can find themselves accused of. They efficiently and openly communicate with clients about the ways, in which they can fight charges.

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