Beads for Jewelry Making with Children’s Product Certificate Launches

SMITCO has recently launched its new product, Pop Snap Beads for kids, on Amazon. A manufacturer of high-quality gift items for girls, SMITCO has received the Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) for its new pop beads.

SmitCo LLC is pleased to announce the Amazon launch of its new kids beads. An organization dedicated to creating gifts for young girls, SmitCo already has an impressive range of products designed to keep children engaged and improve their skills in various areas. The company states that it has obtained the Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) for its recently launched pop beads kit.

All US-based makers of children’s clothing, toys or accessories must follow the rules set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). One significant part of CPSC compliance is obtaining the Children’s Product Certificate (CPC). This certificate implies that a given children’s product meets all applicable children’s product safety standards. The certificate must include the safety test results from an accepted laboratory per CPSC guidelines.

The bead kit for girls from SmitCo come in sets containing as many as 725 pieces, including headbands, bracelets, rings, and letters. In addition to keeping children busy for hours, it also helps develop fine motor skills and encourages stem learning. These brightly colored sensory-stimulating toys are completely free from BPA and lead.

“SmitCo Pop Beads snap together with ease. Snap them into a ring to create necklaces, or attach the beads to the included headbands, bracelets, and rings for a cute fashion statement,” says a spokesperson from SmitCo. “Stimulate their creativity–crafting jewelry will help inspire an appreciation and interest in building and engineering in a fun, kid-friendly way!”

SmitCo’s beads for jewelry making kids also create an opportunity for parents to take part in the fun by helping their children create 3D jewelry pieces. These innovatively designed toys come with a two-sided booklet with tips and instructions. The product is currently available on Amazon.

More about SmitCo’s Pop Snap Beads for Kids can be found on the company’s website or Amazon storefront.






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