Beach Bike Outlet Launches Extended Inventory To Promote Beach Cruiser Culture

Beach Bike Outlet extends inventory to become premier source for cruisers and accessories offering lowest prices and free shipping.

According to statistics from the transportation industry, an estimated 60 million Americans participate in bike riding with 41 percent of those doing so for health benefits and 37 percent for simple recreation. While the market is flooded with various bike models and options for riders, the most popular choice is currently Beach Cruiser bikes. Having risen in status to an actual way of life in some parts of the country, these bikes offer a number of benefits as well as amenities to those who love them. In an effort to further promote the Beach Cruiser culture, Beach Bike Outlet has recently launched their extended inventory of bikes, parts and accessories.

Said Wayne Freeman of Beach Bike Outlet, "Bicycle clubs have developed a massive following. They're as big as classic and custom car shows at this point! Though may enthusiasts get together simply to ride and enjoy their bikes and the scenery, huge events are also beginning to take place. Beach Cruiser gatherings now rival well known motorcycle rallies. The reasons people love this type of bicycle are as diverse as the customized bikes themselves."

While Beach Cruisers originally gained fame in the early 1930's, their popularity was taken to a new level with the vintage movement of the 1990's. Aside from a few slight modifications, this type of bike has seen few changes in design over the last several decades. They still feature the characteristic expansive, comfortable seats, wide balloon tires, upright posture and simplistic layout for which they became known. Comfort and appearance are among the features leading to their acclaim. They are also among the most affordable bike options currently available.

Despite their more forgiving seats and more relaxed stance while riding, Beach Cruisers still offer all the fitness and calorie burning attributes of other models available on the market. Though exact statistics on calorie burning are determined by the weight of the rider, speed and terrain of the riding path, a person weighing 180 pounds riding on a smooth, flat path at 10 mph could burn at least 50 calories per mile. In addition to health benefits, riding bikes to and from work and on local errands irrefutably saves hundreds of dollars in fuel each month and prevents the stress of fighting traffic.

Freeman stated, "We offer the largest selection of bikes and Beach Cruiser accessories available; we are also able to offer the lowest prices because we sell direct to our customers. In order to help our customers save even more money on their bikes and accessories, we now offer free shipping within the continental U.S. as well. We love our bikes as much as our customers do, and we want to help them create and maintain the bike of their dreams!"

About Beach Bike Outlet:
Owned and operated by cruiser enthusiasts, Beach Bike Outlet is the country's premier source for cruisers and accessories. Having been in the bike business for more than a decade, they are experts in their field. Their goal is to provide the best prices and the most exemplary customer service while delivering their customers' bikes as quickly as possible. They pride themselves in doing more than simply selling bikes; they are professional smile makers, one bike at a time.

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