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Individuals unknowingly put toxins into their body every day simply because they don't know they are doing so, announces

The National Health Survey recently released found that 66.2 percent of Americans had excellent or very good health. This figure remains stable, yet is a decrease from the 68.5 percent who reported they were in excellent or very good health in 1997. Individuals looking to improve their health want products and services that help them achieve this goal, but often find they spend money on items that don't work as claimed. Be Healthy Be More ( wishes to change this and offers product reviews and more to help consumers in this area.

"An excellent book, "Poisoned For Profit', shared the information that 2.7 trillion pounds of chemicals are produced every year. Many of these chemicals may be used in consumer products, yet consumers, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration don't know which ones are or where they are used. Consumers need to recognize this and focus on what they are putting into and on their body," Sparks Johnson, spokesperson for Be Healthy Be More (, reports.

The same survey found that men tend to be healthier than women. More men reported they were in excellent health, while a large majority of women stated their health was fair. Both men and women found their health declined with age, with 84.3 percent of those under the age of 18 reporting they were in excellent health. This number decreased to 45.1 percent for those 65 or older.

"As individuals age, they tend to develop more health problems, but this doesn't have to be the case. Certain products can help remove toxins from items we use, such as water purifiers. The problem many individuals encounter is they don't know which products truly live up to their claims, the advantages and disadvantages of the various products and information such as this. Be Healthy Be More ( provides the whole story, so consumers can make informed decisions," Johnson goes on to say.

Be Healthy Be more ranks the health safety of ingredients in everyday products Americans use. The site now offers visitors the option of signing up for the Health Ranking newsletter. With the help of this newsletter, consumers can remain informed on the products being reviewed by the company.

"An individual cannot be too careful when it comes to their health. This is especially important for Hispanics and non-Hispanic blacks, as both race and ethnicity groups report lower levels of excellent or very good health than non-Hispanic whites. Anyone looking to improve their health, however, will benefit from this site. Be sure to pay us a visit today," Johnson recommends.

About wants to make buyer's remorse a thing of the past and desires to cut through the hype and claims to help consumers select products and services they love. The site reviews health products, with the two leading vendors being Amazon and Nikken. Amazon features outstanding customer reviews and carries most products, while Nikken offers a fantastic product line for keeping humans healthier.

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