BBB Accreditation Gives Businesses Online Authority, According to Delaware SEO Company

Wilmington, DE -- More companies with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation are ranking higher on search engine results pages, compared with companies without this credential. SEO specialist and founder of Darling SEO LLC, Chris Darling, explains why in her new article, “SEO Authority Hack – How to Leverage Your BBB Accreditation,” which appears on, as well as in the print edition of the Delaware BBB Newsletter.

By dominating search engine results pages, BBB-accredited companies are gradually pushing shady websites, small independent websites, and no-name lead generating sites off the results pages. BBB accreditation is what can give a business authority status, which in turn reflects quality professionalism with excellent customer service.

In her article, Darling defines what an authority website is. According to her, such a website is a trusted one. She was also quoted saying the website is a “respected” one that is “used by other industry leaders,” because it's “extremely good, useful, full of value, and worthy of being shared on social media sites.”

Darling SEO LLC is a BBB Accredited SEO Company with an A rating; the company has had BBB accreditation since July 31, 2013. The BBB decides if a business meets its accreditation standards by whether the company is dedicated to making a sincere effort in settling any customer complaints. A BBB rating depends upon 16 factors; for Darling SEO LLC, the factor that boosted the company's rating was that there were no complaints filed with the BBB, and the BBB had enough background information on the SEO firm.

Whether a business is a startup or a veteran, it must grasp the necessity of having an authoritative internet presence, according to Darling. Getting BBB accreditation is a huge step toward building a client base, and taking the company's performance one step further.

The article suggests that a website can achieve authority by first earning a BBB accreditation. Once that's done, an entrepreneur can use the BBB seal on their website and get a highly authoritative back link.

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