Bazlo Sanitary Launches To Provide 21st Century Design Alternative To Portable Potty Solutions

Bazlo Sanitary wants to change the way the world does their business by creating new, clean and beautifully designed portable toilets for public events, with three products already devised.

Outdoor, temporary public toilets are known for being a grim and stifling experience. Narrow interiors and pungent smells, splashed surfaces and nowhere to wash hands ensures no one leaves feeling refreshed or relieved, even when they have relieved themselves. Bazlo Sanitary want to transform the portable sanitation experience, and have developed no less than three portable toilet solutions designed for different purposes, to offer a cleaner, brighter and better experience to users without driving up the price for event organizers.

The Sani-Jon is the foundation stone of their product line, with an aluminum frame, thicker walls for added privacy and a larger internal space for greater comfort and maneuverability. The storage tank itself has a flip top and has deodorizing liquid to ensure smells stay captured.

The Porta-Jon is a collapsible portable toilet that can be fully assembled in just 3 minutes while saving room when not in use, and a flip top holding tank. The product has already proven invaluable in disaster relief efforts.

The Green-Jon is a premium large capacity composting toilet made from the best materials available, and is designed to offer the ultimate ease of maintenance, inspection, cleaning and debris removal, with a light-enhancing roof to provide great vision even in twilight.

A spokesperson for explained, “All these products come with a complimentary starter kit which varies according to the item’s principle use, but including things like hand sanitizer, toilet rolls, deodorizer and urinal attachments. The extras are designed to ensure that people can get maximum use from these items as quickly as possible, and the items themselves are designed to offer a more robust and hygienic solution that any product currently on the market. These three iterations are just the beginning for us, and we are already developing new and exciting sanitary solutions for public needs.”

About Bazlo Sanitary: Bazlo Sanitary is taking the sanitation business to the next level. Building 'Comfort Stations' rather than the typical porta potty, they are raising the standard in portable sanitation, making public bathrooms comfortable, rather than depressing. Their range of products is continually being researched and developed to offer the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort at competitive prices.

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