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Baseball first appeared in the 14th century as stub baseball games with players holding bats and balls. Many think baseball originated from the rounders and was influenced by the cricket rules. By the 19th century, specific rules and regulations for modern baseball were recorded in England. Then, it gradually spread to other countries and became popular, including the US, Japan, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic, Korea and Taiwan.

In Japan, baseball was introduced in 1872 by an American professor and slowly became familiar. After the Meiji era (1912), baseball went into every nook and cranny. Baseball was taught in schools, appeared in anime episodes - a Japanese cartoon line and became a national sport held yearly - the Pacific League and the Central League. Tokyo Dome, where all the national tournaments are played, was built as a baseball stadium with a capacity of more than 50,000 people and was designed based on a ball model. For the Japanese, baseball goes hand in hand and is closely tied with their spiritual life.

In the US, baseball is the most important national sport. Major League Baseball is the representative organization recognized by the US Congress and given the exclusive symbol. The total number of people attending Major League games is roughly equal to the other American professional sports combined. Baseball surpasses gridiron football and basketball in terms of popularity, even though all three are on America's four most important sports list. Americans use "ballgame" to point to baseball and "ballpark" to mean the baseball field.

Baseball has gradually become a familiar spiritual food, affecting the mood and emotions of countless spectators. Many fans refer to the players as the summer boys because baseball games are usually played in the warm, dry, and almost no rain months.

Baseball is a team sport. It emphasizes the connection between members, then the ability to skillfully and persistently apply small skills to transform them into big opportunities. This sport helps to increase health, agility and foresight. The motor manipulations in baseball help children with autism spectrum disorder enhance fine motor skills such as grasping the ball and bat, physical qualities, improving body shape and coordination of whole-body movements. Baseball team coordination is one of the effective therapies for children with autism in social interaction, including improving communication, helping form groups of friends, creating fun and improving the quality of life.

Baseball supports health, reflexes, and motor skills. However, professional or amateur players should equip the necessary tools.

  • Baseball gloves are made from leather with a mesh between the thumb and forefinger to assist in catching the ball, reducing the impact colliding the hand.
  • Other protective head, knee, chest and shoulder equipment.

Newspapers, picture books, school clubs, and matches have shown baseball's silent but powerful influence since its first appearance. Baseball has crept into many countries' cultural life. This sport has conquered the audience's admiration and has become a country's cultural identity and unique feature.

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