Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs Open for Applications

The Las Vegas Entrepreneur Launched a Scholarship Fund to Help Students Trying to Start Their Own Business

Anyone who is venturing into the world of business knows how challenging and rough the road ahead is going to be. Starting up as an entrepreneur and opening up your own business can get very difficult both logistically and financial. The same is said if you are planning to take up a business course for university as you might be not as fortunate enough to afford a good university and have to struggle to make ends meet.

In life, as with business, you always want to grab every opportunity you can find that can help improve your current situation. If you are an aspiring business or budding entrepreneur with fresh ideas for a new business but don’t have the financial stability to take the risk, why not take a chance and win a scholarship of $1,000 from Barry Epling. Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs aims to provide scholarship fund for students who plan to venture the road of entrepreneurship and business.

Barry Epling has had great success as an entrepreneur and in the world of business. From stem cell therapy to telecommunication, he has been an entrepreneur in multiple different industries. His dealings as an entrepreneur brought him all around the world only adding to his list of benefits that came with his success.

Barry knows how difficult and challenging academic life can be for students in modern times. As the quality of education continues to improve, so does the price that comes with having good education. Many students with dreams of opening up business after they finish their high school and university years struggle to even have the finances to achieve this dream. He believes that he should do his part to help these budding young entrepreneurs through his own scholarship program for young entrepreneurs. After all, who can better understand the struggles of being an entrepreneur than someone like Barry Epling who has found success repeatedly in business?

When it comes to passion for entrepreneurship, no one can match the likes of Barry. His success in the field has inspired him to give back to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Through his scholarship program, the Barry Epling Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs, he hopes to become one of the driving force for a future entrepreneur who can find success in his life the same way he found success in his. Visit the official Barry Epling Scholarship website to see all the application details.

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