Barn World Launches Extensive Line Of Cattle Guards For Livestock Loss Prevention

Barn World one of the largest suppliers of cattle guards in the United States launches new line of Cattle Guards.

Annual research has established cattle farming is a $170 billion per year industry. Due to the falling price of corn over the last year, livestock commerce is expected to flourish beyond current figures. This anticipated growth will also bring about increasing livestock loss. Statistics indicate theft and predator attacks account for almost 4 million lost heads of cattle annually. In an effort to help reduce these non-health related losses, Barn World has launched an extensive line of heavy duty cattle gaurds.

Robert Moore of Barn World stated, "Many of the cattle guards on the market today fail to meet industry standards, and this is one of the contributing factors in the huge number of losses each year. Farmers and ranchers spend at least $44 billion on gates in attempts to prevent their herds from escaping and to avoid theft and predator assaults. We, at Barn World, believe livestock owners should be able to get the most out of the money they spend to protect their herds. This is why all our products meet or exceed industry standards. Cattle guards are the most effective method of safely containing livestock. They keep the herd secured within their enclosure while allowing the farmer easy access to all areas of the farm."

Moore continued, "With one of the largest selections of cattle guards available, we offer both flat and round top pipes. Each model has its own advantages. Round pipe models are most efficient at preventing livestock from crossing their fence line. Due to the animals' size and the flat shape of their hooves, the small round surface of the pipe presents them with an extremely difficult footing area. They are physically incapable of crossing this type of barrier. We carry round top pipe models in the H20 rating, which is our most popular item. Though not quite as effective at containing livestock, flat top guards offer smoother crossing for vehicles."

"All our high quality cattle guards are made in the United States," Moore went on to say, "Constructed with heavy wall steel pipes and reinforced steel channels, our guards are available in 8, 10, 12 and 14 feet lengths. Each is equipped with end caps to prevent rust and corrosion. We carry heavy duty guards with load ratings of H15, H20, U54 and U80 and more conservative guards for lighter requirements. We are confident our customers will be able to find cattle guards to suit any of their needs."

About Barn World:
Barn World is a seller of farm and ranch supplies, saddle pads, cattle guards and much more. In addition to equine and cattle supplies, the provide poultry equipment and an array of informational resources regarding animal care and enclosure construction. Customers are encouraged to contact the Barn World staff with any questions they may have.

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