BAP Token's Sussy Shark NFTs aims reshape the NFT industry

The Sussy Sharks mint is scheduled to take place in a few days.

Sussy Sharks, a new NFT project, has unveiled its collection of 10,000 unique Shark NFTs on the Ethereum Network. The platform is designed in a manner that every single shark is built from over 80 traits, including eyes, hats, clothing, skin, accessories, and much more. Furthermore, users can compete with other sharks in the MetaVerse while granting access to giveaways and other exclusive events.

Sussy Sharks Main Purpose

The main vision Sussy Sharks has ready is to help fight sea pollution through the united help from as many people as possible.

At least 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year, it's so much that plastic is the most common element that is found in the ocean. Over 100,000 marine animals die every year from plastic entanglement and ingestion and every 2nd has eaten plastic already. The scariest part:

This plastic already went back to humans due to micro-plastics in our food. And Sussy Sharks aims to STOP that.
The CEO quoted: “Every comment, every share, and every NFT purchase will help solving this problem”. "Be the change, that your wish to see in this world." - Mahatma Gandhi

How to Mint Sussy Sharks

The Sussy Sharks mint is scheduled to take place in a few days with each mint offered at 0.08 ETH. Users can mint up to 15 sharks per wallet. The minting process begins on December 1, 2021.

To participate, users require to visit the official website and press mint. It would require users to connect their MetaMask Wallet and connect to the Ethereum network. After this, you have to select the number of sharks you want to mint before verifying the correct amount. After confirmation, you have completed the minting process.

Sussy Sharks Giveaway to Shark Holders

According to the marketing team "When 50% of the Sharks are sold, 2 lucky Shark holders will win a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Model 3 in a Sussy Shark Wrap." Once the total Sharks (10,000) are sold, that will be the end as there won't be any created.

The Sharks will be valuable since the Company Bitcoin ATM Pros and BAP Token will help bring exposure to the project. Importantly, only 10,000 people will have access to the Sussy Sharks because of its limited supply.

Nevertheless, once it achieved 100% sales, it will develop its MetaVerse SharkCity. Shark holders can join in its exclusive physical and virtual event after this feat. There will also be an opportunity to have fun with play-to-earn games. In addition, 10% of all NFT earnings will return to BAP Holders in ETH.

About Sussysharks

Sussysharks aims to protect the ocean and sharks from human pollution. It is founded by BAP Token, with registration under FinCen. It is pioneering the first-of-its-kind investment that would be safe for long-term purposes.

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Organization: Sussysharks
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