BalanceBomBom is on a Mission to Improve The Balance of People Worldwide

Live on Indiegogo, BalanceBomBom is an invention specially designed to boost balance!

BalanceBomBom, the revolutionary new balance beam system that specially designed to improve balance and prevent tumbling, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

People spend more of their life sitting down than ever before. Whether for work at a desk, in school, or for relaxing. Recent studies in Europe and Australia showed that adults and children are spending more and more time watching TV/video, sitting at our desks at work and commuting. According to scientists, most of the US population spends three hours a day or more watching TV or videos. This sedentary lifestyle is bad news for health because it fail to train up sufficient balancing skills for the body. Maintaining physical balance is important in almost every life situation.

“I invented BalanceBomBom to improve the balance of people all over the world in just one minute a day. My invention takes a common issue and provides a natural, easy-to-use solution in a new form. With my team, I dream that BalanceBomBom will bring balance back to the world.” says founder and inventor Peter Bindner on the inspiration behind the project. “As balance is essential for all our movements, it’s important to exercise your balancing skills every day. Everyone can use the BalanceBomBom. It is safe in every way.”

Every year, millions of people take a fall. In the U.S. alone, 1 in 4 seniors has at least one fall and in total, US emergency departments treat three million seniors for fall injuries per year. Of those, over 800,000 patients are admitted to the hospital, most often suffering either a head injury or fractured hip. BalanceBomBom is the perfect solution for people of all ages to regain their balance and prevent falls. 

BalanceBomBom is made of 32 feet of beautiful Robinia beams and unique platforms. Users simply line up the beams either in a straight line or in a pattern and begin walking. The beam is designed to present safe challenges to walk to improve balance including:

• The Gold Ring Challenge: Individuals walk along the beam, bending down and pick up the 4 included ring from the platforms. The movement requires concentration and good balance.
• The Padlock Challenge: A increased challenge where users use a key to unlock padlocks on the gold rings.
• Golden Golf Club Challenge: Mini-golf style challenge where users putt golf balls off the gold platforms on the beams.
• The Final Bell: An included bell is placed at the end of the BalanceBomBom Trail to ring at the end of the course.

“I designed BalanceBomBom to help people to retrain their balancing skills and prevent unnecessary falls. This innovative product can change the lives of adolescents, adults and seniors across the globe. Support BalanceBomBom and help my dream!” adds Bindner. “Avoid stumbling and falling - BalanceBomBom helps you regain your balance and prevent falls.”

BalanceBomBom is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

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BalanceBomBom is a new tool with fun challenges for balance and improving balance skills.. For more information on BalanceBomBom please visit


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